Coconut oil?

Seen this today:

The main study:

How this information can been interpreted, since Huel also has coconut?


Huel contains medium-chain triglycerides from coconut - not coconut oil - unless I’m mistaken.

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Since the site only refers to coconut and mct, not mentioning the source, hence my question.


Also on the study quote, and further on:

“A common argument made in favor of coconut fat consumption is that it is composed of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). MCFAs are rapidly absorbed by the portal vein, and may, therefore, play a more important role as a source of energy via beta-oxidation than in cholesterol synthesis.4 However, lauric acid (12:0), which comprises about half of the total fatty acids of coconut oil2 and is chemically classified as an MCFA, may not biologically act like other MCFA(…)”

MCT oils and powders contain 50–80% caprylic acid and 20–50% caproic acid, they don’t have lauric acid whereas coconut oil naturally contains 42% lauric acid, 7% caprylic acid, and 5% capric acid.

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Can @Tim_Huel forward this topic to someone in order to get a feedback on this study? Need to know if/how it can affect Huel consumption.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not a fan of Mic the vegan but this video isn’t too bad. We’ve known for years that coconut oil increases LDL cholesterol because saturated fat has a greater impact than unsaturated fats.

However is video is around using a lot of coconut oil and the dubious claims as it has been dubbed as a health food for the last few years. His main concern is around coconut oil contributing significant amounts of saturated fat in the diet which is not ideal for health. I agree.

Huel contains MCT oil powder not coconut oil powder. The MCT powder is produced from coconut oil. They’re not the same because coconut oil also contains long-chain triglycerides (LCTs). There is around 1% MCT oil powder in the Huel Powders and you can see that the saturated fat content per 2000kcal is 60% of the RDA, so there’s no problem there.


There’s an unfortunate amount of absolutist thinking, isn’t there? Bordering on orthorexia at times. Any food must either have the halo of healthy, and therefore it’s a great idea to eat it in enormous quantities, or it must be ‘bad for you’ and be completely avoided.

Oil is always a ‘use in moderation’ ingredient, and I don’t think anything Mic drew attention to here is an argument for avoiding coconut oil completely. But if people are taking the idea of coconut oil being healthy too far then this video is useful information.


Totally agree!

Yeap, it’s why I said the video wasn’t too bad. I think it’s just been taken to try and apply to Huel when that’s not possible in this context.