By any chance that an alternative without coconut will come?


I have over 30 different (mainly nuts, soy, etc) allergies which haunts my everyday life and I struggle with finding something convinient as Huel. However, I almost jumped out the window of happiness when I saw Huel… but then I saw Coconut. I’m allergic to Coconut, which makes me very sad.

Will there ever be an alternative? Id pay the double… even triple… or more.

Hi there, really sorry to hear about your allergies, I can’t imagine how difficult that is for you. We don’t have plans to release a version with our MCTs from Coconut in, as they play an essential role in the amazing fatty acid profile of Huel. If you have a genuine allergy to coconuts, then Huel would not be suitable as the MCT powder is derived from coconuts. However, you might be best to consult your doctor.

Sorry for this and hope you find an alternative. is a useful website that compares all the complete foods out there, you might be able to find an alternative there!

One idea would be to go the DIY route so you know exactly what’s going into it… Bags of powdered oats are super cheap, then it’s just a case of picking your protein and fat source.

Obviously this wouldn’t be Huel (vitamins/minerals, all that research, sourcing and combining everything, flavouring etc) but you get the idea… At least you’d be controlling it.

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A lot of people do that, Complete Foods is a brilliant resource that’s very heavily biased to the US but has a lot of UK stuff in there too, probably quite easy to find/create one that’s coconut free.

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Shame - such great results and recommendations from gym members but the coconut is a no no for me too. Very hard to find anything like it.
I have the added disadvantage of allergies to other nuts too.

Genesis Foods do a hypoallergenic blend that might work for you. Give them a Google.

Only for the ketogenic version unfortunately, the non-ketogenic version has coconut milk powder (and I’m almost certain it has more coconut than Huel too) so wouldn’t be appropriate here.


Thanks - I will have a look

Huel should do a hypoallergenic blend
And definately keto Huel. Kuel?


They should trademark that one :slight_smile:

Sounds kuel :wink: