How many portions per day to get all the nutrients you need?


I haven’t bought Huel yet. I just had a couple of questions about it.

I realise the packaging says that it contains all the nutrition you need for an average day. How many scoopfuls deliver that level of nutrition?

The reason I ask is that, suppose you’re trying to lose a little weight, as I am, but you loath the idea of giving up carbohydrates etc* so you use Huel for a couple of meals each day. Would a couple of scoopfuls be enough to provide your body with what it needs?

It’s more than likely I’ve gotten the wrong end of the stick! Sorry if I have!

*Like you would on the Lipotrim diet (Aka, hell)



Huel provides at least 100% of the RDA of what your body needs, based on consuming 2000 calories of Huel a day. to work out the calories needed for your body / circumstances.

You should then be able to work out what calories you need to lose weight ( Tip, lose it slowly, and keep it off, rather than shock diet and risk slipping up). As long as you’re not going down to silly numbers, like 800 calories or the like, you’d still likely be getting more nutrients on Huel than an average diet (and assumptions here, but if you’re after loosing weight, assumption is you are not on the best diet atm).

What are your current stats? Weight, height, age, activity. And what is your goal for weight loss?

That’s smashing. Thank you answering mate!