How much Granola equals the powder portions

New to this whole process and was wondering the nutritional values of the granola compared to the “standard “ or recommend amount of powder?

If we take the recommended amojunt to be 500kcal (125g of Huel Powder):

  • Granola is 216kcal per serving (60g). So, 60*500/216= 138.8g of Granola are 500kcal or a "standard serving.

If we say that the standard serving is 400kcal (100g of Huel Powder):

  • Then, 60*400/216= 111.1g of Granola are required

How do the two compare?Huel%20Powder%20vs%20Granola All in grams

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Hi @Latestfuels

Check your per 400kcal Granola figures, the sugar and fibre can’t be less than your per 100g amounts

Well spotted. I had the referrence wrong in the sheet. I have changed the picture accordingly. I was surprise about the differences not being bigger. I guess I should’ve double checked.

Hello James, how many scoops is 60 gr of granola?

2 scoops

Jim Farula

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Great, that looks correct now.


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And with the new scoop?