Granola - How much milk?

I’m new to Huel - my parcel has arrived today and I’m planning to start tomorrow.
I really struggle with portion control and am waiting for Amazon to deliver me some kitchen scales.
I can see the recommend portion size of 60g for the granola but was wondering how much milk people use?
I know that it will likely come down to personal preference but numbers and I get along so having a starting point would be really helpful.

I personally use 100ml of milk, or 150g of yoghurt.
But that is my preference :slight_smile:

Thanks - 100ml worked perfectly!


I like plenty of milk with mine so use 200ml

I use around 150ml, not measuring perfectly but a 500ml pack lasts always 3 days, so that’s the math. :slight_smile:

I also add flavdrops or honey to the milk.

There is no amount of milk recommended, because it doesnt have to mix like the normal Huel.

I normally use a normal glass (280ml) and 2 granola scoops which is 1 ration

With 60g of granola, i use 100 ml milk or nutmilk, or 150 g of yoghurt (more if Skyr due to thickness)

I use 60g granola with 100ml semi skimmed milk