How necessary is a blender?

From what I’ve read on here, Huel is much nicer and more drinkable when blended, but I do not own a blender and would like to avoid unnecessary cost and hassle if possible. Is it still drinkable? Does a blender make that big a difference?

After using it for a year and shaking, the difference for me was night and day when using a blender. My go to recipe is 250ml whole milk, 30g almond butter, 3 scoops huel and a scoop of whey. After blending it’s perfectly smooth.

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It’s not necessary, but I do use one. Brevile Active, about 20 quid. No need to splash out on a Nutribullet.

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Even with just huel and water it made a big positive difference for me.

This gets good reviews:


Blender will make your experience sooooo much better. No lumps, perfect mix, much more enjoyable, possibility of adding fruits/veges.

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…and just adding ice can make a difference!


I thought it was essential to have a blender; always used one…until one day I didn’t have one to hand. I preferred it without a blender and have not used one since for Huel, apart from rare occasions when I add something like peanut butter, banana etc.

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I’ve never used one so I can’t directly compare, however you did ask if it was drinkable without one, so I just want to say absolutely yes, it’s fine without one. I’ve been drinking Huel for about a year and for me the ultimate advantage is the convenience. It might sound pretty lazy but for me washing my shaker every day is enough hassle without getting a blender involved. And how would I make huel at work? Or when I’m away from home? I would say get used to the juicy bits, it’s all yummy nutrition!

Did you just use the shaker with the grid bit in the top?

Yep, that’s it, although I don’t actually use a Huel branded shaker I use a stainless steel one, but it still has a grid at the top…but not such fine mesh…

Thanks for all your advice! I’ve tried it without, just by itself and refrigerated and its fine, much tastier and a better texture than reviews suggested! Might invest in a good blender after I’ve seen how I get on with Huel.


I’ve always used a blender from day one, and right now I am a vegan on holiday in Dubai during Ramadan. I have brought my Huel with me and the Airbnb did not have a blender. This is my first ever experience just shaking and wow ! Ha ha I love it! I’m not going to pretend that I don’t encounter lumps I do and I just shake a bit more. I have been blending mine to the point where it was like a frothy cream even though I always only make it with water .
I am finding it soooo much nicer just shaking, so the answer is borrow someone’s blender to taste it, and also simply shake it and taste it because it is all about preference. Xx

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Amazon are now doing their own blender to undercut the Breville one by a quid!

I wouldn’t fancy going up against amazon.

Do you think they will launch their own Huel product soon?

Given the parasitic nature of Amazon, I’d be surprised if they were capable of any creative act (outside of accountancy, obviously). More likely they’ve just pasted their own name on someone else’s product after ensuring all’s legal by bullying them into agreement.

No idea if they’ll launch their own food lines. Pretty good idea on whether I’d be a customer of theirs should they. Hint: I wouldn’t wipe my arse on their products let alone allow them inside my body.

Yes, Amazon do have some issues!

To be fair, anyone can go on Alibaba and find a white label product and slap their own branding on it.

Although as Amazon have access to all the sales data in their back end, they can see which products are doing well, then created their own version and sell it for a pound less!

I cannot confirm or deny the rumour that Huel will be releasing their own brand blender in the near or distant future:

I hear Amazon are moving their operations to the Moon soon?