Hand Blender?

I am very limited on kitchen space/storage so only have an immersion blender… can I use this with Huel??? The getting started guide has a cross through one but have read places where people do use one… any advice ?

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That’s perfectly fine.

People vary. When I first started drinking Huel I used a Vitamix…and it worked a treat…but one day i needed to make some and didn’t have a blender so resorted to the shaker…and you know what…it was so much better. I’ve never gone back to blending unless sticking fruit or veg or peanut butter in.

Having said that I can’t see why an immersion blender wouldn’t work.

I’ve had no luck with the shaker. Had one of these "‘Breville VBL096 Blend-Active Personal Blender Family Pack - White/Green’ " (from amazon) from when I was doing lots of smoothies.

Works great. The bottles are “normal” but have a blade that attaches ti each bottle, so its mess free.

Load up a small bottle with up to 2 scoops add 2/3 water, blitz. add a tad more water, blitz again. Put on sports cap, no mess, lovely smooth huel. no lumps.

For 3 scoop meals, I’d use the larger bottles.

Only thing I don’t like about the breville is that the bottles are half the price of the blender. So I’ve ended up with 3 blenders to get the bottles I want!

Asda George bottles fit the Breville, usually cost £3 each but currently on offer for £2.

If only I had seen this sooner! I just bought a blend active spare bottle on amazon for £6.49! (Not a bad price but not as good as £2)

I can’t get used to shaking, I really like using my blend active!

I went a bit crazy, got a Ninja autoIQ and 900ml bottles…

and decant it into a 750ml Chilly’s bottle, but I’m a bit daft.

In my defence, I also make smoothies and veg drinks with them.


Really, ah that’s awesome. Hadn’t realised they were the same fit!

So year, definately buy the family blender, then the asda bottles!

put water in huel shaker.Put flavour boost or sweetener in. HOLD SHAKER TO TABLE, use hand blender. Then add huel. HOLD SHAKER TO TABLE use hand blender again. Not as perfect as counter top blender,but does the job.

The asda bottles are really nice for the money and as @darren1 says, fit the breville fine!

I use the Morphy Richards 403021 Easy Blend Deluxe - ensures a smooth consistency.

But I’m a bit daft

Never seen something so relatable, I thought I was the only 900ml Hueler around here!