Huel and medical problems

I have chronic pancreatitis following acute necrotising pancreatitis, I have been left with half a pancreas which has subsequently left me with endocrine and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. In short this means I have type 3c diabetes (similar to type 1 but caused by illness) and the inability to produce my own digestive enzymes. I have enzyme replacement therapy using creon and this helps with my digestion somewhat but I am in pain most days and have serious (and embarrassing) digestive issues. I am sick to death of everything I eat causing me an issue and I’m wondering if I would be better just giving up eating altogether - just special occasions and replacing my meals with huel or similar. So there are several questions I have

1 how do other diabetics cope - is it a goodn leveller of blood sugar or are there peaks and troughs.

2 is it any “easy” to digest product - for example I find it impossible to digest any whole grains, vegetables or fruit - to be blatant everything comes out as it goes in - just chewed up - I know it’s based on oats and grains but presumably these are finely milled - does this help with digestion

3 I’ve been told joylent may not be good for people with pancreas issues but can’t find any advice for huel - is there anyone out there that knows

4 is there anyone out there with similar issues with food that they are simply giving up eating.

Sorry for such a long post but I need to make sure it’s something that’s safe for me - thanks in advance

With no medical background to call upon myself and no illness - I’m poorly equipped to reply but there are posts about blood sugar somewhere in the forum. People have recorded their results and posted them. Might be helpful.

Digestion. I guess from a medical point of view, my norm would be considered constipated. Since using huel I find I go more frequently and easier. To much info I know. There’s a post called Huel Poop (it’s a chuckle to read) not anything scientific but maybe you could extrapolate some info and apply it to how your system might react?

Hope someone replies with better info and I hope you find something to eat that helps not hurts.

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Hiya, thanks for the response. I’ve had a good read through and the diabetes bit seems good, however the poop one worries me as I don’t need any help that way, the main issue I have is malabsorption of food due to lack of digestive enzymes which basically means stuff can travel through me at a rate of knots, similar to food poisoning - so I need to be really careful. Probabably too much info

Thank you X X

I’ve had a history of digestive problems and I’m quite happy with Huel thus far. Having something like this for 60% of my diet takes a lot of stress out of meal planning.
Them using rice protein in the formula helps a lot. I tried a whey-based soylent (Joylent) and it was a nightmare.

To make it Huel easier on the stomach, I let it sit for a couple hours after mixing with water, this activates enzymes which helps to break down the oats.
Sometimes if my digestion is particularly bad, I’ll add a crushed enzyme pill (Digezyme) and let it sit for a few hours.
This seems to really improve digestibility.

Also, if you want to slow the digestive transit of it to increase nutrient absorption- some psyllium powder (Lepicol) is helpful.

If Huel doesn’t work for you, there are lots of low-residue, easy digestibility DIY recipes that people with various digestive ailments have been having success with, here’s one;

Thank you. - that’s very helpful X