Huel and Potassium?

Hi again

I will be doing a HUEL only diet for 4-5 months, at 1200kcal/day (3xscoops), supplementing with extra multivitamin/minerals to complete dietary requirements (down from 2000kcal).

3 scoops of Huel Black have 2200mg of Potassium - is this correct? I’ve recommended to cover 4000mg of Potassium per day…

how would you recommend to get the missing 2000mg while maintaining a low carb diet?

For a male, 1200kcal/day of anything would be a far too large caloric deficit to be sustainable for 4-5 months.

You’d likely still achieve steady weight loss over 6 months if you eat 2000kcal/day (of anything that’s nutritionally complete). Starving yourself is not sustainable long-term, especially if not done under constant medical supervision.


It won’t be 1200 throughout/linear. As my weight drops I increase calories intake until TDEE and intake matches in around 6 mo time.

Done it a few years and worked like charm (Doctor supervision). After covid my weight went nuts so I want to try it with Huel now.

Hey, it might be worth you merging these questions to one post if you wish?

The vitamin and mineral amounts, including potassium can be found here- The Huel Black Edition Formula Explained

If we take BE vanilla as an example, you have 640mg per 400 calories (a 90g serving) and 3200mg per 2000 calories.

Potassium-rich foods include, bananas, avocados, oranges, spinach, sweet potatoes, tomato and you can also look out for potassium-fortified foods, such as certain cereals, beverages. In terms of supplementation, I would check in with your GP (or the medical professional who advised the daily amount) to determine what would be most appropriate.