Huel between meals

i currently have three meals any, breakfast ,lunch and dinner, with two protein shakes as snacks in-between, could i substitute the protein shakes with huel? and would the servings have more protein than shakes?

Which protein shakes are you having?

maxi muscle progain i think its 20 grams per serving, do you know how many grams in one scoop of huel? I’m keen on the nutritional benefits of huel but don’t really want to stop eating normal food if you know what i mean

Huel has around 38g of protein per 100g, which is a normal huel serving.
But for about a scoop rather than a full serving your looking at around 12g.
Huel would be closer to progain rather than promax. But honestly maximuscle is rather over priced, if your using promax you’d get more for your money from myprotein, and for a weight gain version just buy oats and add them. It’s far cheaper.
Huel just have all the good ratio aspects for a meal replacement not a supplement, including the vitamins and minerals.
Hope that helps.

cheers for your help

I just had a look at maxi muscle progain.

Per 100g it has 24g protein

Huel has 30.7g protein per 100g

Also progain is £34.99 per 1500g, Huel is £45 per 3.71kg (£18.19 per 1500g).