New to Huel -Recommendation on servings

Hi guys,

I’m new to Huel and have signed up with an aim to be a bit more healthy and structured with my diet, as well as getting enough protein to be able to build some muscle (I have a pretty fast metabolism but according to i should be hitting around 218g per day which i still think is a little excessive?!)

About me:
6ft 2
Total exercise around 90 minutes per day weekdays including cycle commute to work, swim and weights in the gym)

Im thinking of having two Huel shakes per day of 4X scoops each, and alternating a traditional high protein meal (ie chicken breast and vegetables) for either lunch or tea depending on what i feel like and free time available…

Currently i have around 3X protein shakes a day. Including one for breakfast (with no other food) a regular coop/tesco meal deal for lunch and a healthy (ish) dinner

Just wondered if this sounds like a good starting point? any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi there!

Great to have you on board and thanks for coming to the forum.

218g of protein sounds incredibly excessive in my opinion, approximately 2.73g per kg of body mass. Considering the RDA for protein intake is 0.83g/kg body mass (McKardle, Katch and Katch, 2010). Obviously you need to eating more than this as higher protein content is suggested to aid muscle growth and fat loss, but only up to 2g per kg of body mass, no more I would say.

The amount of Huel you are considering consuming contains approximately 90g of protein, plus your chicken (about 27% protein) would put you well on the way to reaching the 160g protein I am recommending.

For me, I think calories are the most essential factor in growing muscle, along with good sleep and resistance training with protein intake less important than these.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!

Yes i was thinking 150-160g protein would be more appropriate. In that case i think i will stick to the above plus add a single post workout protein shake which should bring me up to your recommended amount… .

I look forward to receiving my delivery tomorrow :slight_smile: