Huel Energy drink predictions?

Spotted this on facebook… Ring top can is an odd choice unless there’s a carbonated drink coming up.

My prediction: some sort of Electrolyte/energy drink or pre-workout thing.

What do we think?

Cherry flavoured?

Nutritionally complete IPA

It’s not hard to guess.


Nutritionally complete Special Brew



A can of Granola.


and raspberry

who can say - the social feed launch countdown came and went and nothing appeared :slight_smile: but yeah, I guess some sort of half way house thing - not a replacement or a snack but a little boost.

We were a little eager :joy:


quick look at it - it looks a nice product, good to have the choice of caffeinated or caffeine free.

Dr. Huel :slight_smile:


I haven’t studied the new product in detail yet, but what is the overlap with daily greens? If someone used daily greens each day, does that cover what is in this product?

seems like its being pitched as a healthier alternative to people who drink products like red bull / monster / vitamin water etc as opposed to products like Greens which are pretty specific health based drinks. I guess any potential overlap would be with the caffeine free version.

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I didn’t get the memo?

have a look here

Cheers, wrong location