Daily A-Z Vitamins IS HERE! 🍒

It’s time to break up with your old fizzy drink… and choose a drink with benefits instead.

Brand NEW Huel Daily A-Z Vitamins is a refreshing cherry and raspberry sparkling drink, packed with fruity flavour :yum: and all the vitamins you need from A-Z :muscle:

Years in the making, this latest innovation from Huel is the first of its kind: fizzing with 154 science-backed health benefits, including vitamin D for immune support, vitamin A and selenium for healthy skin, hair and nails, vitamin B12 for reduced fatigue + many more.

It’s made with real fruit, low in sugar, and has 100mg natural caffeine (for when you need that extra boost or caffeine-free.

Looking after your health starts with one sparkling drink.

:star: 26 key vitamins & minerals
:star: 154 science-backed health benefits
:star: 30kcal
:star: Low sugar
:star: Made with real fruit
:star: 100mg natural caffeine, or caffeine-free

Try Huel Daily A-Z Vitamins today :cherries::cherries::cherries:


It looks great, just a shame about the obsession with sticking fibre in everything for someone who’s hyper sensitive to fibre and makes me really ill, it’s not got all the health benefits you assume!

For purely scientific purposes, I will have to try this as a vodka or gin mixer.


This graphic is great. It’s stuff like this that makes it a lot easier to convey Huel to people like my grandparents, who say Huel is an unhealthy milkshake :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The comparison graphic to Red Bull and others is great too!

As for the product itself, seems like a game-changer for many who have sparkling drinks regularly. Amazing how much nutrition you cram into delicious products. I’ll give it a try once to see what it’s like and maybe grab one from a shop from time to time if it’s being sold in shops. I don’t have a sparkling drink habit, so wouldn’t be recurring for me personally when I have multiple Huels a day already but I guess it’s not really aimed at me.

How about a comparison table between one A-Z can and Huel powder? Currently I’m a bit lost. Feel like it could perhaps be a nice refreshing topup on some days, but without comparing, would probably stick to Huel powder.

Wish it the best success!

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Looks great! Could you specify how much vitamin K is there in a single drink compared to 100g of Huel white powder? I can’t find this info on the website.
Edit: Nevermind, I found it.

Interesting. Is this the replacement for the bars?

I wouldn’t expect so. They are totally different form factors.

I hope it’s not as dry as the bars.


I’m sorry this is an issue for you, is there a typical amount of fibre per day you stick to?

please feedback how this is :joy:

Thank you @mirasqq :black_heart:

A-Z is there to provide all the vitamins & minerals you need daily! If you wanted to combine the two products you could, but the easiest way to explain is that our powder provides a nutritionally complete meal, whereas A-Z is designed to top up daily vitamin and mineral intake, perfect for you if you suspect you don’t get enough vitamins or minerals in your typical diet.

No, this isn’t a bar replacement :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel sure this unofficially found its way into the Tring NPD teams rigorous testing regime :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t officially confirm or deny.

I have however heard rumours of a Huel Spritz making the rounds at Tring pubs :cherries:

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Imagine how much better billions of people’s lives would be if all the drinks you buy had this god-tier level nutritional content. Impressive :clap: Huel has done it again!

Hope more flavours are on the horizon. Coconut and pineapple perhaps? :eyes:

Can’t wait to crack one open with my Huelios cereal and Huel cookies soon, or maybe some Huel chips & dip.


I’ve asked several times for a Huel style Monster Munch…still waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha honestly if you just get some good chips, they could use the existing H&S sauces as the dip. Would totally buy monthly if not more regularly. But that’s for another topic :joy:

I find the price hard to justify on essentially a liquid multivitamin :woman_shrugging:t2: when I think what I could buy with £20 I don’t think 12 days of multivitamins would be it

Don’t buy any

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called it hehe :slight_smile: Huel Energy drink predictions?

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I would love to buy it in Spain. Its quite expensive, but I would buy it

What’s with the attitude!
Whenever they launch anything it’s a customers prerogative to give feedback.

I don’t want any either.
I’m not going to buy any.