Daily A-Z Vitamins IS HERE! 🍒

Good idea, but not for me - I am already having too much liquid even without this. Would have preferred tablets or capsules.
But anyway, it seems to be a UK product only…

Any chance of some different flavours soon, I am not so keen on Cherry but would love to try this?

It’s economies of scale – brands like Red Bull are multi-billion dollar entities. They sell 22 million cans of it globally every day which sounds a lot but is a pittance compared to other soft drinks giants like Coke - who own brands like Monster and have 900 bottling plants globally - selling 1.9 billion drinks per day.

A small brand like Huel would never be able to match that and so could not match the price benefit of such large scale manufacturing either. This is the same issue many popular plant based brands such as Impossible have and why they are trying to expand their manufacturing base to make retail prices more comparable with conventional products.


that’s my issue also…
Huel Greens? WOW, COOL! Oh wait, US only…
Niiiice, an energy drink! Oh wait, UK only.

Not the luckiest to be a European when it comes to these… :slight_smile:

I thought Red Bull was the highest selling energy drink globally. I mean coke sells more canned pop overall but not most isn’t energy drinks.

I quite like Tenzing and Trip but don’t really drink regular soft drinks apart from the very occasional Irn Bru. And even AG Barr who make Irn Bru announced this week that they are making an Irn Bru energy drink…but couple of days later they had a strike at their plant and now distribution of Irn Bru is threatened.

Yes Red Bull slightly edges out Cokes’ Monster brand globally - but the point was both companies have massive manufacturing and distribution infrastructures - and so can produce and sell product at scale far cheaper than a brand the size of Huel could. The scale of this became very apparent to me in recent years when I have been in some countries where a 2L bottle of Coca Cola was cheaper than a 2L bottle of water. Presumably because they were buying huge volumes of the locally available water supply.

Yes, there have been several reported scandals of this, and then of course there was the other scandal of their “premium” bottled water brand just being regular tap water.

A big problem in the Peckham area I believe

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Mine’s delivered! Tastes amaaazing, coming from someone who never usually likes cherry or raspberry flavours all that much, and chooses not to drink fizzy drinks primarily due to how unhealthy they typically are. Reminds me of a Malibu can but without the rum :smirk:

Genuinely cannot believe it contains everything Huel says it does. Part of me wants to learn how to extract and test the vitamins to see for myself :rofl: Incredible. If it didn’t say Huel on the can, would never have guessed this was a Huel product. I gave some to someone in a glass who thought it was delicious and couldn’t believe it either, nor could they believe the nutritional content.

Hope you can get this into many stores – will benefit countless people. All recyclable too, noice. Overall, excellent new product! Wouldn’t mind regularly.

1 question I do have is: I usually have 4 Huels a day (1.5 x Black, 2.5 x White), and sometimes a Huel H&S for dinner with other foods mixed in. If I have 1 of these A-Z cans, should I worry about hitting the tolerable upper intake levels of some vitamins/minerals? Suppose I could swap 1 Huel powder for a can perhaps.

5 pieces of feedback:

  • Packaging: The entire side of 1 box was split open due to the weight of the cans. Maybe the boxes are too thin/weak?
  • Packaging: I ordered 2 boxes: 1 caffeine free and 1 with caffeine. Initially had no idea whether the one I chose first was the caffeine one or not, until I saw the other box and cans had “+ 100mg natural caffeine” on them. So, having “caffeine free” on the caffeine free box and cans would make it clearer and less confusing IMO, plus more enticing to people who are specifically looking for a caffeine free fizzy drink if selling in stores.
  • Flavours: Imagine you’re all over this already, testing the waters with this first one, but definitely would like more variety. Pineapple & Coconut, Cola, Watermelon, Vanilla, various Caribbean flavours, etc. Guilt-free pleasure!
  • Cost: Have you considered doing a ‘monthly pack’? Considering this is marketed as a daily use product like Daily Greens, instead of buying 2-3 boxes to cover a month, you could have a simple 31 day supply for a discount. Seems more incentivizing to buy monthly, while helping people stick with the healthy daily habit more.
  • Marketing: The image of all the comparisons on the product page (More X than Y, etc) is awesome and would be great to include somewhere else, like on the box or something. They’re like little fun facts people can relate and understand more, compared to the list of nutritional info. Think it’s a great, memorable, catchy promotional thing to use.

Nice review @Hex :+1:


Seconded. Good overall feedback from @Hex. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow again one of each and not my go to flavour either - although I have just this minute eaten some cherries.

Mine came today too, agree totally with the review above about the taste, really enjoyed them, way better than I expected. I had thought they might be like those vitamin waters you can get with hardly any flavour, but no, not in the slightest.

Would also agree with the packaging comment, ordered 3 boxes, and two of them were falling apart. Didn’t effect the cans at all though, so suppose that’s the main thing.

Overall very impressed, am planning on them becoming a regular thing for me.


I understand it’s a low fat product, but at <0.1 g do vitamins A, D, E and K go to waste then? Can they be absorbed when not having the drink together with a meal containing some more fats?

Good point! I suppose like any multivitamin the best advice would be ‘consume with food’. That’s what it says on my bottle of tablets.

It sounds really good, hope to see cans in the shops one day.

I expect if they made delicious Huel nutritionally complete sand you’d moan about that too.

Tiny but appreciated practical thing – thank you for making them stackable!

Also, expanding on 2 of the prior feedback points because I love Huel succeeding:

Lack of ‘caffeine free’ visibility:

  • A friend went to put one in their bag for work, and I had to explain which one was the caffeine free one (as they have a health condition and should avoid caffeine).
  • Definitely needs to say ‘caffeine free’ on the can IMO, as it feels odd that one is specified but the other is blank, and could cause unexpected problems.

Nutrition comparison marketing:

  • The can design is sleek but predominantly features lists. Why not print a variety of designs that are all identical, except 1 area which shows a fun fact about it, like ‘This has more Vitamin D than 1000 mushrooms’ with a mushroom symbol, in Huel’s own brand voice?
  • An engaging ice-breaker, highlighting health benefits in a comparative, relatable manner, as most people may not understand the significance of the RI percentages, nor are they memorable.
  • Playful educational twist that humanises the product, illuminates why it’s innovative, and encourages people to share these surprises which boosts virality. Imagine how many desks these will be sitting on at workplaces with an opportunity to peak the interest of others. I showed a friend the product page’s nutrition comparisons and we were joking around, pointing at different ones – More Vitamin C than an orange? More Vitamin A than a carrot? They are crazy! Simple yet big opportunity to promote these bite-size conversation starters and get people curious about nutrition.
  • While there’s likely a cost for slight design variations, remember how huge the Coca-Cola bottle name campaign was? Not quite that level of course, but everyone loves a fun shareable ‘Did you know?’ dose.
  • You may think I’m reeling off about such a tiny thing, but it’s these little, subtle, differing, unexpected playful touches that catch people off guard, giving something uniquely more individual and memorable to each person, which I think they’d appreciate and mention to others. Plus, when I get more people to try these cans, I guarantee you they will smile and remember the ‘more than’ facts I tell them, rather than the incredible but potentially overwhelming percentage data on the can they’re holding.

Or maybe it’s because I wanna hear Idris Elba dramatically comparing these cans with sweet potatoes, Brazil nuts and a banana in a new Huel ad.

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I will be sticking to my very low cost daily multivitamin tablet.
Interesting to see, but not convinced this one will work out. Feels a bit gimmicky and more of an attempt to move into a market than an attempt to offer sustainable food in a cheap sustainable “hope for the future” way - which is what first attracted me to Huel.

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@Charlotte_Huel Slightly random question – as these are neither classed as snacks or meals, how do they add to the loyalty scheme tally?

I’m gonna go out on a limb, and say that 12x30 is close enough to 400 that one box would be classed as one meal.

I’m not sure how it works for complete protein though, unless it’s a tub’s worth of calories / 400 = number of meals?

Surely unless the scheme is altered they don’t count at all as not meals?