What is your wishlist for Huel?

There was the suggestion of a coconut flavour huel on another thread. But it is a bit off topic there, I think.

Regarding coconut, I did my tests for you (well not really, rather for myself, but you know what I mean). Used a chocolate-coconut flavour by chunky flavour with Huel UU, didn’t work. Another time I used the same amount of it with UU, but added the same amount of the old chocolate flavour boost by Huel, then it totally worked. It is one of my favourites presently.

So coconut needs a big part of chocolate to work with the oatiness of huel, not to suffer the fate of pineapple-coconut. :innocent:

A lot of flavour boosts or other flavour additions work better with vanilla than UU. Dunno if you have any vanilla lying around but wondered if that works any better with the same stuff as you used

I do use vanilla+UU 50:50 with the huel flavour boosts of the not-so-sweet-generation. But for other flavour brands that would make for too much sweetness resp. sweetener taste.

Yes I use 50/50 also, but I do find using flavour boosts with just UU not quite as good.

Product wishlist:

  1. Huel granola return.
  2. Huel nuggets (like chicken nuggets). I would buy stacks every month.
  3. Huel chips/nachos/crisps.
  4. Huel PIZZA, whether a small Chicago Town-like microwavable pizza or proper large one. (What I would give for Huel pizza… even if just the premade base :joy:)
  5. Huel noodles (like those bulk packs of VIFON or Koka noodles on Amazon, but nutritionally complete, no nasties and more sustainable packaging)
  6. Huel Mac & Cheeze OG return (I will get on my knees if I have to).

Sustainability/health wishlist:

  1. Organic ingredients.
  2. Option to buy powder and H&S in recyclable stackable tubs/boxes instead of non-recyclable unstackable bags, especially if you like to have a small backlog for backup or multiple flavors. Currently it’s an annoying mess in the cupboard every time that can’t be organised, and is environmentally unfriendly.
  3. Option to buy bigger bags/tubs of H&S. Is annoying and wasteful going through H&S bags quickly for 5-7 meals, especially when half or 2/3 of the bag is air. A large recyclable/reusable tub filled with the ingredients for 10+ or 20+ meals would be amazing and potentially cost-saving for Huel and customers.

I’d be curious if Huel staff are able to weigh in on the feasibility of this :eyes:

Hear me out! Chips packaged with a dip seems like a perfect snack to manufacture and market for Huel. The dip would be a small pot of powder to hydrate (and microwave if desired), like the powder and flavourings you already supply inside the H&S bags :smirk:

The chips could just be either standard 1 or 2 ingredient healthy chips or contain Huel too, but essentially the dip makes it more of the full complete meal.

Could have various dips like cheeze, spicy, sweet & sour, tomato & herb, etc, repurposing the sauces you’ve already created and marketing to people you already know love the taste of them.

I’d 100% add to monthly subscription in bulk :new_moon_with_face: Offering Huel in a crunchy or crispy form would be very welcome, and chips + dip is a good medium for those who want a snack and aren’t a big fan of the bars.

(Also +1 for return of granola and original Mac & Cheeze, and big tub form factor.)

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  • remove oats from all products, replace it with a different carb source (e.g. rice flour)
  • replace flaxseed with another source of fibre that is free or at least lower in phyto-estrogens
  • remove lycopene from Black Edition, use other antioxidants like Q10 instead
  • Black Edition RTD

I doubt a lot of the customer base would stand the resulting price increase.

They are in the process off switching all of their packaging to fully recyclable options including the bags.

whether you had a bag or a tub it would still be a lot of air as this results from the product settling after packing. Bigger portions of H&S would also mean much bigger packaging and increased difficulty for the consumer to ensure the ingredients are mixed.

It would actually do the exact opposite. Packaging production, filling, shipping and storage costs would all increase exponentially and be far less sustainable than the current move to switch to fully recyclable bags.

Reading the threads - many people decant their open bags into Tupperware or similar at home so there is always that option.

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People already have the option of paying more for other versions like black and gluten free. Organic could be another version that people could choose to pay more for, which I would.

That’s good, but doesn’t solve the issue of having a collection of messy unorganised bags. Tubs like the complete protein or rectangular ones would be much better.

I’ve had tubs of powders and dried food previously filled way higher than what Huel does in their bags like myprotein. I don’t think there’s any law of physics or method of logistics preventing a company from filling tubs with more powder. A large tub can be easily shaken to ensure more equal distribution of contents, and is so much better than the bags with no leftovers from the bottom gaps, easier and more organised storage, and more secure closure that isn’t an annoying strip prone to getting powder inside and not zipping properly.

Hmm, that’s a lot of assumptions to collect together and claim as future facts. Neither of us work for Huel, and even if we had prior experience in the industry, neither of us could make such claims without the relevant data, surveys, trial & error, etc. I may begin decanting, it’s just a shame Huel can’t provide a better way of storing and using their product like they already do for complete protein.

I like the sound of this. No Netflix and chill would be complete without Huel chips with dip. @Charlotte_Huel please hire this person!! Didn’t realise how much I wanted Huel chips with cheesy dip until now…

Yes it could but I think it would have to be an extra option to and not a direct replacement of the core product - so would need a lot of study on it’s viability and sales potential.

Potentially for the consumer yes, but for no other stage of the products life cycle. It could be less convenient though for consumers who have limited storage space.

There are. When the bulk product is in the hoppers that dispense into the packaging, there has to be some air in it to allow it to flow. More air is trapped ini t naturally as it flows into the pack. You can see this yourself to a less extent if you decanted it into another container where the volume appears a little more than you expected. The amount air of trapped is dependant on the shape and size of the particles so will be different between different products.

products like this are usually on conveyors that shake or vibrate a little to settle powder partially and allow the pack to be closed. You could theoretically have a packing line that did top ups but it would be both complex and time consuming…

there are literally no assumptions made there. They are facts based on packaging manufacturing costs and logistics.

I do work in the brand deployment / packaging industry and have for longer than I care to remember. There is no need for trial and error - everything I mentioned are quantifiable facts and to a degree - basic mathematics.

For example – if you had high density polyethylene tubs large enough to take two kilos of none-settled product, you could fit 150 of them on a euro standard pallet. Using flexible packaging and not even factoring in compression would take at least 60% less volume.

This would mean your freight and storage requirements would effectively triple if you switched to all tubs. Similarly, delivery of the unfilled bags from the pack extruders could accommodate 1000’s on the same pallet whereas the tubs would still be the 150.


Same in the kitchen - the big advantage of bags over tubs is that they take up less and less space as the contents reduce.

Trick to storage is to alternate them like in Phil’s graphic. They can be free-standing on their sides with no space between. Very neat, no mess.

Ok a lot to unpack here :sweat_smile:

I am a fan of the Quorn nuggets and love this idea!

I know we have spoken about this in the past :eyes: however not in the pipeline as far as I’m aware.

YUM, ok :writing_hand:


We are in the process of making all of our packaging recyclable including the pouches, RE increasing packaging size I’ve asked the packaging team about the reasons why this isn’t something we do to get an official response on this for you. But I do know there needs to be space for powder settling, this is particularly evident in our complete protein tubs.

I think if this was something we looked to do in the future, it would be sold as more of a ‘snack’ item like our bars rather than a complete meal, but you never know!

Can I ask why for these 3?

As @Phil_C mentioned the price would have to increase for an Organic powder but if there was enough interest I don’t see why this couldn’t be a possibility for the future.


Sounds like Huel pizza, nuggets and chips with dip are officially confirmed. Joking :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you RE packaging! Good to get official word from those in the know. If bags are here to stay, then perhaps a Huel branded tub or jar could be something to offer for those who would prefer decanting for less mess in the cupboards, or sticker labels.

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A Huel-branded duffle bag would be nice, with a bold logo.
More useful and appealing than the tote bag I think.
Could be white on black, or black on white, or in discreet Essential style.

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Huel Pizza gets my vote too!

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As a pretty saucy person, would love to see Huel Condiments.

It’s ridiculously difficult to simply find healthy sauces, and making your own isn’t always convenient. The amount of shoite found in the overwhelming majority of condiments is insanity. As much as I love to see more vegan products these days too, a vegan mayo consisting of 80% rapeseed oil is going nowhere near my body…

When eating dinner, I frequently wish for Huel condiments :joy: Filling my fridge with a variety of flavours of bottled Huel sauces would be a lurvely day, adding a good dose of nutrition to any snack or meal. Seems pretty doable considering the sauces Huel already makes for H&S. Without doubt, multiple bottles would be in every month’s subscription.


Huelade for me. To make sure I’m correctly nutritioned (is there such a word anyway?) during my workouts :slight_smile:

I’m still hoping for a H&S “all day breakfast”.


It would be great if you added the following antioxidants:

  • alpha lipoic acid
  • glutathione
  • asthaxantine
  • Q10/ubiquinone