Huel Flu? Is it a thing?

Last week I started my Huel journey replacing two of my daily meals with Huel and having a balanced healthy meal for dinner with my partner.
Only being small I calculated that I would need 1200 calories per day instead of my probable 2-2500 in order to lose 1lb per week. So I made myself up 2 meals, one with 1.5 scoops and another with 2 scoops of Huel. Initially I thought I was doing really well, I love the vanilla flavour and even experimented with making cookies! By day 5 I’d lost 4lbs and felt really good considering I love eating food!
On the 5th night I felt rather unwell, generally quite fatigued, my nose was running, my throat was sore and gradually over the weekend I’ve had aches and pains and have been ridiculously thirsty. I went back to eating 3 meals a day as I’ve felt so unwell but really want to get back onto my Huel.
I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar thing, or whether I’ve caught a virus and this is all a big coincidence! I’ve heard you can get these sorts of effects from cutting down on carbs drastically but Huel seems to have a decent amount in it and I’ve been having complex carbs as part of my one proper meal every day…

What are you eating alongside huel to make up those 1200 calories? 3.5 scoops isn’t anywhere near that and is more what people would have in a single meal rather than split over two. 1200 also isn’t very much, i’m only 5’7" and i need 2000 to lose a single pound per week.

Losing 4lbs by the 5th day is too much too quick.

ive gotten sick whilst losing weight before, i once read that some bugs can get laid down in fat but i wasnt sure if i was misremembering it so i googled it

hopefully you feel better soon

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I’m having approximately a 600-700 calorie meal, complex carbs such as sweet potato and brown rice, loads of green veg; spinach, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, green beans etc and either grilled chicken/ steak or salmon. I agree 3.5 scoops is nothing in comparison to what my partner would be having but I am 5ft2, and started at 135lbs. The calculator said I needed 1795 calories a day to maintain weight and about 1295 to lose 1lb per week :s I never intended to lose that much so quickly, but I figured it might have just been water weight…?