Huel gives me OAS. Is boiling it fine?

I get OAS from drinking Huel raw. I’ve noticed that I don’t get it if I boil it for a few minutes.

Which nutrients will be lost if I do this? Could there be any other negative side effects?

Boiling will reduce some of the less heat stable vitamins but won’t cause any harm.
You may want to top up with a multivitamin, or supplement with fresh fruit and veg to make sure you are getting plenty vitamin c and folic acid.
Have you tried making it with slightly cooled boiled water and letting it soak for a good few hours? This may help, without actually cooking the ingredients and diminishing some of the nutrients

Don’t want to risk it, so I always cook it for a good while. Same as I do to fruits I get OAS from.

Which vitamins will get destroyed? If I know I can just suplement those particular ones

Here’s a reply from Tim / James from a previous thread:

@JamesCollier may be able to give you a more specific list of vitamins that will be destroyed / reduced by boiling.
I tried to use the search function but couldn’t find a complete answer although I’m sure it’s been asked before.

Bear in mind, all foods are affected by cooking, so if you boil your vegetables and make them into a soup, you will have a similar loss of certain vitamins. It’s generally the ones that are water soluble, but as you are not throwing away the water you’ve cooked it in (as you may do when boiling veg), the loss will be not as significant - it’s really only what is lost through evaporation.

I wouldn’t worry too much. If boiling it means you can eat it comfortably then happily boil it!
I’d suggest vitamin c is the main one that you would want to supplement.

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Vitamin and mineral losses will be minimal and, if you heat it covered, losses will be even lower.


Thank you! Yes, I’m only able to eat vegetables cooked as well since I get OAS from most of them. I was aware that Vitamin C gets destroyed by high heat, but I’ve never heard of them leaching into the water