Huel headaches?

Anybody else seem to be getting more headaches since starting huel? I’ve been using it daily (for one meal) and have started to get more headaches, not sure if its heul, or that I’m not drinking enough water, or exertion headaches from the gym. It’s not pounding but is fairly constant. any ideas?

If you’re using v1.2 of Huel add some salt to the mix. If you’re using v2 of Huel then you probably just need to drink more water.

Yep, I had the headaches too but they disappeared within a few days of starting Huel. Hydration (over/under)? Electrolytes? I’m not sure but it seems to be pretty common.

Ideas can be found in the existing threads:

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If none of those ideas work, there are approximately 10 other threads that mention headaches when beginning Huel; just search “headache” in the search field in the upper right-hand corner of the discourse page. Hopefully there is good information there.


Just started on huel , I’m on the black vanilla
First one Im loving and the headache came, I thought surely this isn’t because of the shake, second day same thing but almost instantly after drinking it, deffo not dehydrated as others have mentioned it actually leaves me wanting more water…hope its just me adjusting to not eating food at lunch