First Bottle, Reactions and Questions

Afternoon all.

Just had my first bottle of Huel (Many thanks for sending the frosted shaker, it looks amazing.)

Couple of things,

Firstly, I used two scoops and that’s filled me up, I was forcing down the last few sips, is this normal? Should I use less? Or maybe less liquid?

Talking of Liquid, I made it with Milk, and the taste is somewhat, earthy, I did get the vanilla flavour so I was wondering if with Water it tastes different?

I’ll make my dinner one with Water tonight but thought I’d just ask the question.


I personally found a good balance of 1/3 milk and 2/3 water, but I’m a new user like yourself! Just made 50/50 with apple juice, very very strange but not unpleasant taste!

I dare say if your forcing down the last bit you have just hit the limit your used to eating. little bit less water but keep with the scoops to get the good stuff, but others with more experience in nutrition and with Huel will give you a more informed suggestion.

Just to tack on the to end of this aswell, since finishing the bottle I’ve got a really bad headache.

Now for the past few years my diet has been somewhat lacking a lot of the nutrients that are in Huel, so I assume this is just my body reacting to seeing these things introduced for the first time in however long?

Thanks, James

Prefer almond or coconut milk to the dairy variety, but the best taste for me comes from plain old tap water (a few spoonfuls of coffee is amazing too!).

I’ll try it with water then. I’ll also blend it to get rid of the lumps and pray it tastes a bit better.

You remember me about the lumps and taste…

About the headache, other brands (Soylent, Joylent, Mana,…) tell that passing from a high sodium diet to a “low” (not actualy low) diet can trigger some headaches at first time. If it persist ask a doctor :stuck_out_tongue: