Needing advice

Hi all. I’m asking for advice as I don’t want to give Huel up. I’m on day ten and can honestly say the first day was fine. Ever since then I’ve had headaches. Feeling absolutely awful. Two days ago I had to leavr my dog with my daughter as I’m not fit to walk her. I gave in yesterday and had a sandwich as I had to drive to visit my sister. I had another sandwich when I got here. I then ate dinner last night. After which I was starving and couldn’t get to sleep so had seconds. I don’t feel any the better for it. I’ve only had shakes again so far… Will have another dinner tonight. Could I be allergic to something in the Huel? Has anyone else suffered with headaches so far in.or the exhaustion? I was expecting them for the first three or four days. I certainly wasn’t expecting to be drained of all energy. My sleep is better but due i think to exhaustion. I drag myself awake but don’t awake fully all day.
I’ve gone 100%. But will change to two shakes and one meal. Would prefer to stay 100%.what to do??? Can anyone advice please?

I did have this problem initially. It did go away on its own after a while. Are you drinking enough water? And also you could try adding a slight amount of salt, it seems to have helped for some

Doctor, it keep hurting when I drink Huel…

Don’t keep taking it if you think its giving you headaches man. Stay off it for a few days until you’re sure the headaches have stopped and it’s not spiders laying eggs in your brain or something. Then do one meal a day and see how that goes and you can build up.

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That sounds like good advice. I’ll give it a go. If they start again once I start slowly I know to give it up. Love the spider thing :joy::joy::joy:

I’ve just started to drink more water. Never thought of salt. I might take DaveFrom1981 advice first. Wait for the headache to go then start again. It’s the lack of energy that’s worse. Thanks for replying.