Huel in hospital

Recovering from surgery in hospital, packed a few Tupperware portions of Huel, from past experiences, meals can often be missed in the process of treatment, and keeping weight up and proper nutrition can be difficult so it’s handy to have, but I was thinking, Huel would make a great addition to the ‘menu’ in hospitals it’s simple complete and inoffensive, also cheap, easy to store and hydrating. I’m gunna bring people Huel instead of grapes from now on.


Just what I’ve been saying since I discovered Huel! Last time I was in hospital was 2012 and among my problems were malnutrition and a complete loss of “joy in food”, the latter obviously contributing to the former. I still haven’t recovered the joy in food (cooking was a major hobby for me), and after five years it seems unlikely I will. The hospital have me using Ensure, which was fine for minerals and vitamins but disastrous as far as sugar control is concerned (diabetes 2) - I stopped Ensure the day my BG hit 29. Ensure has its place as a stopgap, but for long term issues, huel…

For some issues, I guess it may have a place, but for those capable of eating normal food, it mustn’t be forgotten that food is extremely important to keeping up morale.

I know hospital food fails on that front too, but the morale element needs to be part of any solution to the shitness of hospital food. The psychological importance of food is why military rations include things like tea bags, boiled sweets and little bottles of Tabasco.