Huel RTD in hospital

After 7 days of twice a day grey peas, brown carrots and powder-dry mashed potato microwaved to death (the only gluten free vegetarian option available in this NHS hospital), I’ve finally managed to get hold of a Berry RTD.

I had to tie a shoe lace around it and hang it outside from my window over night so it was nice and cold for the morning (it’s not allowed in the fridge, I’m not sure why… it’s sealed and no less sanitary than their bottles of prescription Complan). (Do you like my ingenuity though ?! :laughing:)

I was feeling lethargic, depressed, ill and I have a rash all over (I always get bad skin if I live on crappy ready meals) and I’ve not had a bowel movement for over a week.

One Berry RTD and I feel ALIVE. I could literally feel the goodness flooding my body. I feel so much better already.
I came in as a day patient - if I’d known I was going to be here week(s) I would’ve brought a case of RTD with me.

Huel seriously need to get this stuff into hospitals. The NHS is unlikely to offer it as a meal option, but I would happily buy it from their shop or vending machines.

How am I supposed to heal without good nutrition inside me??

I’m planning on secretly escaping in a taxi later to go home and retrieve enough RTD to last me the rest of my stay here.

No more nuked grey sludge for me.


Good luck with your recovery Christina and I hope you get more RTDs in you soon :blush:

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Good luck with your recovery. Not sure where you are but if it’s in the northwest I would bring you some! Hope you’re home for Christmas.


Poor you, sounds awful! Hope you’re soon home and back on your normal healthy diet. Good luck with getting more RTD in for the rest of your stay. Do you not have anyone to bring some in for you?

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Huel sells food, not coke


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Thanks @AppleJuice :blush: I’m in the southwest tho!

@Bee it was hard enough finding someone to bring me clothes last week!
It’s such a pain that I didn’t know I was going to have to stay.
I’m definitely going to pretend I’m going to Costa and disappear home to get more clothes and RTD :laughing:


Definitely try to break out and get some supplies. Huel need to get drone deliveries sorted ASAP. Good luck with your recovery!

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Good luck @ChristinaT hope your home soon, there must be a Hueler near you in the South West that could bring in some RTD for you. Is @hunzas near you? I would if I was near by.

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@hunzas lives on a remote island
Actually he’s fairly far from me. Probably a couple of hours each way.
I have 3 cases of RTD at home which I got specially for my recovery. I just wasn’t expecting to be stuck in here!!

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I expect he’s banned from most hospitals.

I’m not even gonna explain this, just let everyone’s imaginations run wild.


My escape taxi is already booked and planned. I’m leaving at 4pm (10mins). They won’t even notice I’ve left the hospital.
They think I’m going down to watch the carol singing and drink a Costa Black Forest hot chocolate. I’ll be there and back with RTD and clean pants before they’ve got to jingle bells.


@ChristinaT make sure the taxi is fuelled up with super Huel for a hyper speed warp 10 get away

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If anyone needs a scary Santa for their Christmas party in a children’s ward they just need to get in touch.


First Huel in a few days and those pants won’t be clean for long. Sharted is possibly the word to be used here.


Can you come to the orthogeriatric ward?
(I’ve for some reason ended up here)
There’s a lot of bored grannies needing cheering up.

I’ve just downed two chocolate RTDs and munched two chocolate huel bars and two coffee caramel bars.
A shart would be welcome.
But the amount of codeine and morphine I’m on I think I could take on the 30 bar challenge without any risk of even a turtle head


Infection and allergy risk (due to cross contamination) so there is a blanket ban on all (open or not just to save arguments) non-hospital supplied food and drink in the fridges. However, they can get you ice if that is any help. I had the same issue but was using powder and wanted it cold overnight to thicken up, ended up putting the shaker in a tub of ice (I have serious doubts over how often the NHS maintains ice makers and pipes in general but I also have OCD and freak out in hospitals :frowning: )

Wishing you a speedy recovery! If you’re around Cumbria or Manchester I may be able to help if you need more supplies, also you can have things sent right to the wards as long as you know for sure it will be delivered before you leave. I’ve had a lot of stuff off Amazon sent next day to the wards, and pizza when I had enough of the kitchen’s BS over allergies on one visit many years ago lol.

So you could have more RTD sent to the ward, just make sure you put the ward and bed number on AND a mobile number.

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Glad you got some in the end, good luck!

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I’m due for my 5th stay in 12 months in a hospital in January and after the catering experiences of the last 4 visits – am seriously considering ordering a box or two of RTD to see me through. Here you are permitted to have personal food in your room fridge and to be honest I think the catering contractors would prefer you did.

They make it crystal clear that asking them for any specific dietary requirements (in my case low sodium/sugar) is a massive pain in the arse for them which is often reflected in the meals they serve.

Exhibit A: (supposedly) fish porridge which tasted as bad as it sounds and looks – and was served at least twice a day.

As hospitals here are not free - for the pleasure of these culinary delights you have to pay an extra £100 per day for food.