Well I'll be damned... I'm a Huel convert!

Let me first start by saying I love food. I really love food. I plan my holidays over what and where I will eat. I absent mindedly daydream about delicious and decadent snacks. I basically only have disagreements with my husband over what we’re having for dinner. I am very, very much a person who lives to eat, rather than eats to live.

I am also a very busy medical student. Huel is really popular with people around me- medics tend to be health conscious and overwhelmingly busy. I always scoffed at this- why not get up earlier and eat a real breakfast? How inconvenient is it really to make something nice? How can you do this? Recently, I started a busy surgical firm. I’m in the hospital before the sun is even up. I leave after it’s gone down, exhausted. I was struggling to eat before leaving the house on time, and something just had to give. I ordered some Huel.

This stuff is amazing. The taste and texture is not at all awful, dare I say it but I even like it. it fills me up, and I stay full. It takes seconds to prepare, and I can drink it on my way to work. I know exactly how many calories I’ve had, and that what I have eaten isn’t junk. I’ve only had it for morning breakfasts thus far, but I fully intend to bring it with me for lunches when I haven’t had time to meal prep- hospital canteens are ridiculously expensive, and ironically often incredibly unhealthy (I’m a vegetarian, and the amount of times I’ve had to eat bland macaroni or cauliflower cheese with a side of some kind of potatoes makes me want to weep with despair).

Good job, Huel. You’ve even managed to win me over.


Great to hear, Sassafras. You’re in good company here. Keep us posted :grinning:


Thanks so much for the lovely post, it means a lot that you would take the time to write this! All the best with your new business venture and hopefully we can be a part of it :slight_smile:

Thanks, Tim! I’m not sure what business venture you mean, and if you were responding to someone else?

I think that may be it.


I see. A surgical firm is a team under a particular consultant, it’s not the same as say a law firm. :blush:


Hope you enjoy the new firm.

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Cheers for the save there @hunzas, thought I was going mad.

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nope, i thought the same thing.

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Well I’ve definitely learnt something here! I thought everybody knew that a surgical firm was, but clearly not. I can see the room for misinterpretation! It’s a very old fashioned way to refer to teams that surgeons have always held onto. If it’s not a surgical team you can still call it a firm, but you would probably just say firm without clarification (e.g. “I’ve been there on placement, it’s a good firm”), be more specific with speciality (e.g. “cardiology firm”) or say the name of the consultant (e.g. “I’m on a firm with Dr. Jones”). Technically, the old system of firms was dismantled by the government a few decades ago, but many people like to use it because it harks back to a time when you were part of a group under one consultant and the team didn’t change constantly.


Is it a bit like the Sweeney?


You thought Tim was going mad too? Ha, ha!

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As in the Cool for Cats lyrics from Squeeze :slight_smile: