Happy Huel Accident

So I bought my first batch of Huel last weekend, intending to ease myself into it by starting off with one Huel shake per day for breakfast and then moving on to a Huel lunch as well, in an attempt to avoid any of the ‘gastrointestinal distress’ that I’ve been laughing at reading with horror on the forum. It’s been going really well, I haven’t been feeling hungry until ~12pm (when usually I’m gnawing on my keyboard by 10:30am at the latest!) and I’ve also noticed I haven’t been as ravenous and desperate for snacks at the 4pm mark either. I am noticeably more gassy, but I’ve been able to blame it on other people in the office so far!

Then on Wednesday I had the most awful toothache in one of my wisdom teeth - two days and one trip to the dentist later and there’s no hope for the tooth, it needs extracting. The dentist turns to me with a grave look on her face and tells me I’ll have to restrict myself to a liquid diet for at least a few days… I don’t think she expected my wide (if a little bloody) grin!

So I guess the upshot is that I’m diving into full Huel for at least a couple of days while my jaw is too tender to even think about chewing anything solid. I’ll still switch down to two Huel meals per day after the worst is over (I enjoy cooking too much to give it up completely) but it’s really great to know that I can stick to my health goals so easily. In the past this would have been an excuse to binge on very unhealthy foods - the dentist RECOMMENDED icecream, that’s basically a prescription from a medical professional and my ultimate dream. But with Huel I have another, super easy, tasty option!

The bathroom trips may get interesting for the adjustment period though… at least it’s the weekend and I don’t have to go out in public!


I don’t know how you prepare your Huel but as someone who had 2 wisdom teeth extracted at once I would beware of the oaty/bitty parts going into your freshly open sockets. For a week after my extraction i ate nothing but mashed banana/avocado or scrambled egg simply because I couldnt bear anything else. Does blending Huel get rid of the oaty bits?

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Wash it down with a glass of water if not, we could all use a little more hydration

Good luck!!

Woops it was 7 months ago I reckon they worked it out by now Empops


Haha yeah I realised after I posted then figured I’d leave the post there in case someone else may have been in the same situation!