Unintentionally 100% Huel

After receiving my very first delivery last week and intending to replace 1 and then 2 meals with it I’m now unintentionally on my 3rd day of 100% Huel due to a tooth abscess and I have to say it’s been a lifesaver!

My face is so poofy I can’t even properly get a spoon in, but I can get the Huel in no problem! :grin: Told my dentist and she thought it was a brilliant solution.

New marketing opportunity perhaps? “If your face looks like a puffer fish, use Huel to stay alive!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I can see the billboards now! Can’t believe we haven’t hit the post-dentist chair market. Will make a note.

Thank you for choosing Huel!


Tooth abscesses are wretched. Have you been rinsing with salt water? And how is your skin looking? I always find that after going a few days on 100% my skin looks awesome.

Yep, rinsing with salt water, putting clove oil on, vix vapo rubbing my jaw and taking buckets of painkillers. Right now I could go for dentures, honestly. :confounded:

Skin is a bit up in the air now as I’m so puffy and the vix is probably not doing it any favours, but as my extraction is only next week to give the antibiotics time to work I’m planning on going 100% at least until then so I’m really curious!

At least I haven’t experienced any of the bowel issues. Though I’m a bit Huel burpy.

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If you make millions of the dentists, don’t forget where you heard it first! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, an abscess is right up there in terms of pain. I have complete sympathy!

If you’re having an extraction I would plan on doing the Huel for at least a few days longer - it’s agony enough without bits of food sticking into the fresh wound!

I just got on it for dental reasons (plus it is such a sci-fi concept) - I had to give up meat because it would get stuck in my teeth and all the flossing and mouthwash in the world didn’t help, and veg wasn’t great for my teeth either. Huel is great on that front - brush my teeth as normal and job done!

Good luck with your abscess and extraction - there is a point in time when you’ll be free of the pain at least!

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