Wired jaw

Just trying to get used to Huel before my jaw is operated on and I’m wired shut for a month or so. Really wish there were savoury flavours on offer but I can try some recipes from the forum. What it will be like trying to consume the quantity required via a 200ml syringe (biggest I can find) who knows but I’m pretty sure it’s going to get messy not to mention time consuming! Is anyone out there using Huel for similar reasons? And do you have any tips?

Good Luck with this Vee! :+1:

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Sorry to hear about the pending surgery. Thoughts with you and all the best. I’ve definitely heard of people using Huel in such a manner. How will you be consuming Huel and other liquid food?

For some reason Mark E. Smith and the Fall just popped into my head.

May be of use: https://uk.huel.com/pages/chewing-or-swallowing-problems

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Syringe and possibly a tube, like I said it’s going to get messy :grimacing:

Thanks - I made some of my family try drinking with a straw whilst their jaw is clenched tight - they couldn’t do it but I had fun making them try :joy:

Out of curiosity, what is the NHS’ recommendation for how and what you are supposed to eat during this period?

Liquid diet, smoothies (yuck) and blended food but it will have to be pretty watery to get thro a syringe I think :thinking:

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Don’t envy you.

Plus my bladder is about the size of cup of tea so I’d be spending most of the time going for a slash :joy:


There are a few you tube videos (of course) and one guy was using a catheter - think I might be going for pvc tubing as a preference!

A tea coup?

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One tube in - one tube out :joy: