Post operative diet

Hi. I’m going to have my tonsils removed in a couple of weeks and am thinking off using Huel for the following 2/3 weeks after the operation rather than just yogurts, ice cream and angel delight that they tell you to have. Does anyone have any experience in consuming Huel like this or think it’s a good/bad idea?

I would check with your doctor as the texture of Huel is definitely ‘rougher’ than yoghurt etc. The ‘bits’ in Huel might not suit recovery after that sort of op?

Thanks Bex. I assumed it would be smooth like other shakes.

It’s hard to describe - it’s not rough, it’s just not as smooth as yogurt. I’d suggest getting a sample bag and gauging it yourself.

I am not a doctor, but if they say that a milk shake is ok, I really can’t imagine Huel would be a problem.

If you make it up the night before it is smoother.
(It’s pretty much the same texture as runny angel delight when I made that, in that you know it’s got powder in there, it’s ‘thick’ in a ‘something mixed with liquid’ kind of way, but I wouldn’t call it ‘rough’.) It’s difficult to describe.
That may not be helpful at all. But I’m fairly certain it would be okay (I currently have a healing tongue piercing and a sizeable throat infection and Huel has been ideal for it :slight_smile: ) and it’s much healthier than the other stuff they’d have you eating :slight_smile:

Huel might promote healing better than the crap they tell you to eat. I had a double hip replacement in November and my surgeon described the healing as “Spectacular,” which be said could possibly be attributed to the nutritional profile of Huel (I did push him for a direct quote but he declined :laughing:). Put your Huel in a blender with plenty of water and you’ll have no issues with the texture irritating your wound.


I’ll just add that I’m using the U&U Huel which apparently doesn’t have the emulsifier in that the vanilla one does - maybe the vanilla is smoother due to this?
I know they have now added the emulsifier to the new U&U, looking forward to seeing if there’s a difference in texture.

Thanks for the reply guys. I’ll give it a go and let you know how it goes. I thought it would be smooth, especially blended. I don’t want to just hit protein shakes, I want the balance that Huel gives.

Blended Huel is definitely a lot smoother.