Using Huel with a heart condition

Hi Huel Community
Just wanted to get some specific feedback re me and using Huel.
I am 55 years young and work for myself as a social media strategist.
Hence I am online most of the day so having to stop and think about food can be a pain a lot of the time.
My plan is to use Huel for breakfast and lunch with a proper cooked meal in the evenings.
The complication for me is that I may be having a heart bypass soon due to some blocked arteries so I wondered if this should be taken into consideration at all?
Based on what I have read it will actually give me a better intake of nutrients than my normal breakfast butter and bovril on toast and lunch which is normally bought sandwich.
So will be of benefit in that sense?
Any comments appreciated.

Absolutely it will be of benefit. It will be better nutritionally that your current breakfast and lunch, plus it takes the hassle out of going to the shops or deciding on what to eat.

If you’re not consuming Huel already, I’d start on just having it once a day, such as for breakfast, for a few days to a week before you start having it for both breakfast and lunch.

I generally have 2 Huel shakes a day and an evening meal and it’s great. I have a stash of Huel bars too so will usually have 1 a day when wanting something solid between meals.

If you’re having a heart bypass you might want a blender to mix it in, as I don’t know how vigorously you’ll be able to use the shaker post surgery?!

Thank you. I was intending to use a blender anyway to get a smoother texture so saving on shaking would be a bonus!