Post surgery Huel - a good excuse to change!

I’m female, 50, 5 foot 6 and 18 stone.
Three days ago I had rotator cuff surgery - a revision of a previous recent repair. In the 5 months since the previous surgery I’ve gained a stone :disappointed:
I had to get this second op done privately because of my weight (I’d have had to lose 5 stone for the NHS to consider me), and instead of thinking that I’ve ‘got away with it’ because I’m lucky enough to have medical insurance through my work and so can keep up my unhealthy lifestyle, I’m trying to change.

So, Huel is on the recovery menu! I’m having two 3-scoop shakes during the day and a normal meal at night.
I’m not able to do any exercise at all for about 6 weeks (my shoulder is immobilised) and even after that I’ll need to take things gently for 6 months.

Does Huel post surgery seem a good idea? I’m unable to cook with one arm and am at the tender mercy of my mother in law who’s food groups are lard, sugar and half-a-pig, so I needed a plan!

Does anyone have any experience of Huel-fuelled recuperation?


Side note…I haven’t had a cigarette since the op either…

Hi Kate

Hope you’re recovering ok.

Yes, Huel post surgery will be very useful

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3lbs off this week, and sleeping much better too.
My diet was pretty appalling pre surgery and I’m feeling so much more positive since switching to Huel…in fact I’m away for two days and am almost craving making and drinking my next one. Banana? Cinnamon? Coffee with a splash of milk? Mocha and lime squash? Vanilla with pear?
I’m in love with it!