Wisdom Tooth Operation & Huel

Hey all, had 2 of my wisdom teeth removed today, fun fun. Was wondering if you can have Huel during the recovery period afterwards? Seems like it would actually be a good thing especially as j have to eat soft foods, etc

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I can’t think of any reason why not! :slight_smile:

Which I know about huel when I had my 4 wisdom teeth out, would have been brilliant.

Huel seems perfect

Another user with the same issue.

I would say just do it. Make it overnight so it softens. And enjoy.

I had implants done in May, and 7 teeth removed and was advised no hot drinks and soft food only for 2 weeks

Huel was my choice …I went 100% for those 2 weeks :+1: now settled into a 2 huel meals a day routine and the weight is coming down nicely !!!

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By gum… That sounds good. Huel is good…its quite “filling”.


Thanks all for the positive replies :slight_smile: I will have a go at this for sure. Will make sure to properly blend as not to get caught in the stitches. Will let you know the progress.

Running low on Vanilla, so will try Coffee for this one, may do nicely for the morning. Will do 3 scoops and 400ml of milk. Also have to make sure it is not very cold as the guidelines is not to have very hot / very cold food during first 24-48 hours, so may heat up the milk just the tiniest bit to a point of lukewarm.

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