I’ll be having Huel for Christmas dinner

Had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction last week, and have just been told I’ve got a dry socket (the extraction site isn’t healing). So I’m on a strict liquid diet for the next 24 hours. Will be attempting mash potato and gravy but just want to thank Huel for existing! My mouth is currently filled with clove oil and blood, Merry Christmas! :confounded:


I’ll be having Huel for xmas too.

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I’ll be having Huel for Christmas too. I’m isolated due to COVID and will be celebrating it alone, so I can’t think of a better way to fuel my body than with Huel :grinning:

Happy Holidays to everyone :grinning:

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Merry Christmas to one and all. I’ll start the day off with half&half coffee and salted caramel huel with a banana blended in for breakfast. Then throughout the day I’ll have my homemade Christmas dinner. I have to have my soup first and then leave a few hours before I have my main meal. Enjoy the day. :christmas_tree::gift::cake::hugs: xx

Tea & toast for breakfast, prepped 2 Huel’s for today, and made my own Baileys this year. Time for a break before I do the veg prep for Xmas dinner.

Enjoy Colin. Remember home made Bailey’s will have a much shorter shelf life. The vegan version has to be kept fridged and I think to be used within 5 days. :christmas_tree::mrs_claus:

It’s in the fridge chilling and I think my neighbours can help with the shelf life situation :santa::wink:

Ha ha. Sounds good. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

I wasn’t allowed to have Huel for Christmas dinner. Wife wouldn’t entertain it at all.

Having consumed 100% Huel and beansprouts for a few weeks now, this was my first cooked meal since my diet regime and I really struggled to get through it. I’m seriously wondering if my stomach has shrunk. I was always known for having a hearty appetite but on Christmas day, I left more than I actually Iate. I did not enjoy the meal at all and now I’m wondering about the added calories that I need to now burn up.


Why was she so against it @davidmccarlie?

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