Huel Pre Christmas Challenge?

Hi guys,

I used Huel for a week a few months ago but due to a holiday etc I fell off the wagon!

As we ALL will over indulge a little more than we should over Christmas I was thinking about starting a community challenge here on the Huel forums. Helping people to stay on track a little longer.

My idea would be a 22 day challenge from the 1st of December to the 22nd, mainly to try and shred some weight before Christmas ensuring we feel a little less guilty about the food we eat over this time.

On the 1st I am going to post a before picture and my weight and then try and stick to a 100% Huel diet but might have one or two meals if the misses wants to do something.

Would love for as many people to get involved as possible would be something really fun to do!

Cheers Matt

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If there was ever a time NOT to do a restrictive food challenge then its at Christmas time

Better started Jan 1st

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My partner and I are doing a similar challenge until Christmas Eve, we have a bet to see who can lose the most weight until the festive season starts. My understanding of Christmas is that it starts on the 24th so I agree that December is a great time to plan to shed some excess weight

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Yeah great time

Just when junk food and beer is on free flow every where you turn

Peoples houses, work, your own house

Just when youre going out to parties and socializing more than usual and everyone is having a good old time

Great time to be on a strict diet …

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Great, good for you, enjoy your busy December.

As I have two weeks off from the 24th my party season starts at Christmas time.

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I’m in, I just started huel and I don’t think I’ll be going on 100%huel, but I’m def on a restrictive challenge until the 23rd which is when I go home for Christmas!

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