Xmas time

Hi All,

Well I have made a few batches today (day before xmas eve). Yesterday i ate mine pies, biscuits all things i never eat… and today not even bothered about xmas food! So instead of waiting til new year i am going to incorporate the shakes when I can which will help at least maintain my weight then full steam ahead after boxing day!

Hows everyone planning their xmas?

K xx

I may not have Huel at all on Christmas day…not sure yet…I didn’t have any today either…which is rare…it’s not worth beating yourself up about it…

I’ve had some today before swimming and except for tomorrow I am going to be good this Christmas and eat well and train so I’ll be having plenty of Huel. My new favourite is 90g of Vanilla, 450ml of water and 10g of Cacao powder. Tastes great and gives me a pick up first thing in the morning.

Hi Coup,

That is very impressive keeping it lean.

I am still tackling with feeling hungry inbetween shakes as obviously training gives you an appetite. What do you do?

I have succombed to the chocolates and pies already this week but reigned it in abit today with Huel.

Keeping up with the exericse is key though going to go to the gym shortly.

Like you say few treats tomorrow and then back to it!

K x

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I am not a 100% Hueler. I have the shakes, the Huel bars and another brand bar as well along with regular food. Two shakes a day is the most for me. Personally I have found the cravings after a Huel to be salt cravings not general hunger.

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I have the shakes too…it is a symptom of withdrawal from Huel on Christmas day.


Been writing the Xmas cracker jokes this year?


I don’t know why people find it hard to stick to there macros at Christmas. If you wanna have a binge that’s fine too.

Not in a grandiose way but it wasn’t an issue for me yesterday, just budget your dinner and work from there… I’d say my calories were within +/-100 cals from a “normal” day.