Post Surgery

Good morning,
I’m happy to tell you about my experience with huel.
Just before my partial knee replacement surgery I did some research on dietary requirements for a speedy recovery and chose huel, I didn’t want to gain weight whilst resting my leg for 3weeks, I also needed vitamins and nutrition for wound healing.
4 weeks post surgery I can happily report that my wound has totally healed with minimal scarring and I’ve also lost 1stone in weight!
Huel mixed with porridge for breakfast
Huel shake for lunch
Normal meal with family in the evening
Really happy with the results


Good morning Paul!

Welcome to the forum, and thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us :grinning:

I’m happy to hear that your wound is fully healed, and I hope you’re well on your way to full recovery. It’s great to hear that Huel’s been working well for you and that you have been able to lose weight along the way.

Out of curiosity, which Huel have you been mixing in with your porridge in the morning? Might have to borrow your idea!

Hi Dom, I’ve tried chocolate, banana, and salted caramel in ready break mixed with soya milk, Caramel is my favourite followed by banana, but all are equally nice

Uh, I do like the sound of that, especially since these are genuinely my top three flavours! Well, I know what I am heaving for breakfast this weekend :yum:

It’s great to hear that you found it helpful in your recovery after surgery.