Introducing the Huel Advisory Panel

At Huel, the quality of what we supply is important and we are continually reviewing and developing our products. The same applies to the nutritional information we provide on our website, labels and printed literature. Huel products have been developed by a strong team who work directly for Huel, and we have also worked with other organisations and individuals to ensure we’re providing the best quality products and information.

As we are continually striving to be better than we are already…
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Always good to have more eyes on Huel.

There seems to be a heavy influence on sports nutrition here - is this an indication of the direction/emphasis Huel want? I have to admit to being disappointed that there’s no mention of experience with diabetes, much less other health problems, in the expanded team.

Not room for a single hospital-based dietitian? Last time I was in hospital, amongst the problems was malnutrition, and the hospital’s solution was Ensure: about £2.50 a bottle and 25% sugar. Hardly surprising that my blood glucose hit the upper twenties… There’s a strong case for Huel being on hospital menus; indeed if I needed to be on the ward now, I’d insist on taking my own Huel in rather than enduring the “nutrition-free slop that a transport cafe would be ashamed of” (as I described hospital food to the consultant)…

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Hi @Taliesin - I disagree. Two of the Panel are active in sports nutrition; others have a range of experience.

Sorry you’re disappointed, but we will still be expanding the panel as we come across suitable people. Don’t forget I have worked as a hospital dietitian for several years.


This sounds really good and reassures me that Huel is sincere in being a healthy and well rounded product.

I exercise 6 days a week and eat Huel for about 70-80% of my meals with good results. As long as this feels good and you work on delivering quality I will stick with Huel.

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You might want to consider throwing a chef or taste designer into the mix.

As a long term user of Huel I have no problem with the content and quality of the product but the texture and taste appear to always take second place to the nutrition. With the taste and texture design ethic being based on the number of people who complain. The forums are full of comments like, “I can put up with”, “it’s a little sweet but”, “if I mix it with …”. If Huel could produce a non-sweetened alternative that isn’t laced with enough Gum to hang Arnie from a board suspended from a Helicopter and actually tastes of something it will take over the world.

I have now recommended it to perhaps six people. All tried the sweetened version first, struggled to cope with it and how hard it is to mix. They fell back on the UU version (mostly from my supplies) which none of them could stick with as it was either too bland or too thick for them. This includes a friend who weighs in at 24 stone and was desperate to control his calorie intake

So out of all the people I’ve tried to get hooked (including my wife and her sister), I am the last man standing. I think it’s user base is currently restricted to those who are used to taking alternative foods, diet products and supplements - people who are used to making do as they are driven folk.

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Hi @RDW- thanks for the comments. Sarah King on the Panel does just that. Also, we have Steffi our NPD manager on board who’s been with us a few weeks and she’s working on taste, texture, etc. (We will be updating Huel staff on the About Us Page too - there are several new members who’s joined in recent weeks not there yet!)

Steffi and Sarah will be working on a number of projects including the taste and texture (we’ve actually mastered some of this and you’ll see the results soon!). However, many Huelers do seem happy with the flavour and sweetness; it’s hard to please everyone.


Hi @JamesCollier would love to sit on the panel I have 7 restaurants including one with a Michelin star.
Huel is a Fantastic product and I us it for around 70% of my diet .


That is amazing Michael, great to hear you’re getting on well with Huel. Congratulations too. Are any of your restaurants in the Bucks, Herts, London area?

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Thanks Tim our restaurants are all based in sunny Belfast I’m afraid :flushed:
Keep up the good work!
This morning I have two scoops of vanilla Huel/ chocolate peanut butter powder/ coconut oil/ spinach/ celery/ broccoli /
PHD super greens 1scoop/ organic sunflower seeds/
Basil/ mint/ coconut water/ almond milk

Am I the only one who thinks the U/U version is nice? I’ve not tried the flavour packs and have no intention to. I did try vanilla which was good but the U/U is just a nice, natural flavour. I guess I’ve always loved porridge and to me it’s just like thinner, cold porridge.

I think as a society we’ve got so used to everything having ludicrous amounts of added sugar that our taste buds reject anything that tastes normal. Keep it clean and simple! :slight_smile:


Ha @Russ_Mullen! Your comment is an excellent expression of one of the ideas discussed in a book review I linked to elsewhere in the forum just this morning :smile: I hope it may amuse:

Haha, very good! Nutritious sludge is the way forward! :wink: