Huel only diet possible?

Hello, are there any known riscs with going to Huel only diet for longer periods of time. 6 months - 1 year.
I can’t happen to notice recommendations to mix it in with at least 1 normal meal even by authors. going on how “most of people simply do it that way”. I got a feeling of insecurity of authors on the topic, like as it should work in theory but not something that would be recommanded. Did i get the correct feeling, if so why the insecurity and lack of recommandations?

You can’t effectively trial (scientifically) a huel only diet for long periods of time due to ethical reasons. For a few months, money is a reasonable compensation for such a lifestyle change, but not for years.
There are several concerns that are debated in the forum now and then.
One is: if you don’t use your teeth for chewing, do they fall out?
What effect does a long term liquid/huel diet have on the digestive system, and on microbiota?
It is simply unknown what a huel-only diet will do to the body long term. So the recommendations from huel are mainly to cover their backs. They can’t suggest it, it would be a legal nightmare.
There’s also the social aspect of eating to consider, and thus potential psychological repercussions.
In theory, you can live off huel and water alone, and people have gone a year plus on ‘more or less’ 100% huel without adverse effects.


No. There are no known risks.

I would have no concerns going 100% Huel (or Soylent), if I had the desire.

Thats good, cos i plan on doing only Huel until my gf cooks me something, so probably Huel most of the time.


10 points for funniest reason for switching to 100% Huel.

There are many people on this forum who claim to have used 100% Huel for more than a year.

There are no known reasons not to go 100% Huel for a long time. I can’t speak on behalf of the manufacturers but I get the impression they don’t go around making claims about 100% Huel diets simply because it hasn’t been scientifically studied yet, for all the reasons mentioned above (and because running a study like this would be ridiculously expensive for a small company like Huel who want to keep costs down for their loyal customers)