Huel Personal/Fitness Blogs

Good morning one and all!

I’m wondering if anybody else on here is active in keeping a personal blog account on there Huel / fitness journeys?

I made an Instagram account and it’s called harrythehueligan :slight_smile:

Feel free to check it out! If you also keep a personal Huel/fitness blog or even if you just want to be a part of it then let’s share the journey! It’d be great to see what everyone else gets up to and share some :fire: :yellow_heart:

In any case - maybe see you there :slight_smile:

This mornings post-workout meal sorted :ok_hand:t2: :point_down: :heart_eyes:

I think @jeffy89 did a blog once on the forum. Might be worth a read when you have a spare 5 minutes.


I have a blog and Huel is mentioned but mostly about challenges, running and parkrun with the odd product review thrown in an me moaning about injuries.

Hey Martyn! That sounds cool! If you’re comfortable to do so/want to give me a follow :slight_smile:

I’ll follow your (well everybody as a matter of fact) story too of course, as the whole point is to build a connection of people who are all doing their thing :muscle:


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Nice one @Coup :eyes: Would you mind sharing this here? That’s if @jeffy89 would be cool with that. I think it’s quite a far way down the forum line that’s all!

Following you on insta now too

RAD! I just tapped that blue button golden🥛 i.e. a follow has been requested. Looking forward!

If you search “daily journal” you will find it, but I was just making a bit of a joke when I said read it when you have a spare 5 minutes as it would take quite a while to read it all.

wow yeah you’re right about that!! Here’s 2 years of reading coming up :beverage_box:

Just uploaded my April 200 push-up challenge