Freeletics + huel experiment

Hi all,

started my Huel Journey today and will be combining it with the freeletics workout app, I’m 5’11 currently 12 stone hopefully if couple of people read this it will keep the motivation going.

Let me know if you have done anything similar

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I’m doing similar - combining huel with Joe wicks hiit workouts and using the Lifesum app to track. Good luck. I started in January and am so far feeling great for it

Day 1, Everything seemed fine from dinner last night through to breakfast and then BAM lunch hit, turns out fighting off 2 years of Tesco meal deals is going to be tough, but stuck to the huel and am feeling pretty accomplished right now :smiley:

Well done! I know what you mean about lunchtime. At work I find it easier to have a normal lunch and then do huel for dinner. Although at weekends I find i prefer doing a dinner! Must say though I have limited sympathy for men doing this - you seem to get a zillion more calories

Sounds great, Huel with definitely help. Although it isn’t a fitness product, Huel is actually the ideal post exercise meal (carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins).

How is the Freeletics app? Seen plenty of ads but not checked out how it works yet!

Freeletics is great but hard work :slight_smile:
Starting is the hardest bit, once you get used to the program its good.

Day 2, just want to say a thanks to Tara switched to having a normal lunch and huel for dinner which was 100 times better. Also great idea Tim I had huel for a post freeletics workout and felt much better than any protein shake. If anyone else is combining working out with huel give me a shout I’m interested in how people are finding it long term

That’s great! Really glad the suggestion helped. I really find it a lot easier to get through the day if I’m doing a regular meal at lunchtime. If I’m meeting friends in the evening or going out for dinner I would stalky switch it but find it more of a struggle. Hang in there - I found that after week 1 I stopped missing food as much and pretty much lost any desire to snack! My energy levels have really improved too and I’ve found hiit has been a real complement to my weight loss. Had my first comment from a colleague today asking me how I’d lost weight :slight_smile:

My face when my non-Huel friends suffer from post workout soreness and I don’t.


Jearl, I’ve been using huel as breakfast and lunch. I do Crossfit in the mornings at 6am, and my stomach can’t handle anything at that time in the morning, but I usually drink it on the way home in the car. I dont seem to feel hungry, and I was such a lazy eater before that I have really noticed how much more alert I feel throughout the day! I’d love to be able to eat something before, but getting up at 5:15 is tough enough!

Couple of moths back I started crossfit, a month ago - huel. I find huel to be really good post-workout shake. I do recover quicker than after normal protein shake. So yes, I’d recommend it as post-workout meal substitute regardless if you do weights, run, cycle, crossfit, etc, etc. So far so good :slight_smile: