PT Giveaway?

Thoughts please!

I know Huel holds competitions on the IG account where you can win a £100 voucher every month or so however…I was wondering if anyone has ever considered a PT giveaway?

The prize could be a 12-week fitness plan with a chosen Personal Trainer by Huel. This post was inspired by this 20 minutes of HIIT - Huel Instagram Post

Also what does everyone think about the hashtag I came up with :point_right:t3: #huelifam :point_left:t3: ??
An addition to #hueligan? (correct me if this already exists!)


Hey Harry, thanks for the idea, love this. I love this idea of giving away a PT course instead/as well as Huel vouchers. Did you enjoy that workout content by the way? Me and my team are responsible for the content on our social pages (not ads) so I would love to know what you thought?

Haha, Huelifam, love that! I did an IG story a few months ago, asking what the collective term for Hueligans was, someone said Hueligang which I loved :laughing: Although now we have corrutions of ‘Hooligan’ and ‘gang’ :man_facepalming:

On hashtags, feel free to start the #huelifam! As a social media manager my opinion is that it’s best to keep everything under one hashtag, then the impact is higher (we have 40k uses of #huel). But I could talk about that for hours!

Hey Tim!

Yeah it was great. Another addition to the home workout routine haha! It definitely changed up the feed/added some extra flavour to the IG account and I wouldn’t say no to more similar posts! :slight_smile:

Nice glad you like it and cool that’s good to know. It may just be a little thing for myself then (unless it catches) :laughing: