Huel porridge?

Hi, long term hueligan here, huge fan of the r2d banana - and I hate anything banana flavoured so that is true testament to the product. And I am in the tomato and herb and mexican chilli club for the hot and savoury. Will be trying the bolognese and the chick’n and mushroom next.

I was just wondering…going back to the days of when huel granola was still a thing as to whether a porridge might be in the product pipeline at all? Or if it’s something you’ve considered?

I work 24 hour shifts and waking night shifts so always looking for a variety of products to have on hand. Although both the r2d and hot and savoury have already been game changers and a lot of my colleagues are also converted so maybe I’m just being greedy wanting more :sweat_smile:

Any porridge with a scoop of Huel in?

Welcome to the forum @sian-eeee :hearts:

Very pleased to meet a fellow Banana RTD fan as it’s my favourite product alongside the pasta bolognese.

That sounds like a delicious idea, we do have this recipe on our website which can be customized with whichever flavours you would prefer - Berry and Cinnamon Porridge – Huel

But equally, as Lee said I do often add a scoop of powder to my porridge which I love!