Huel - Rare Bone Disorder In Skull- Is this safe?

Hi guys,

I would appreciate if somebody with a very good understanding of the product could please reply on this one as its quite important :slight_smile:

I have a rare bone disorder in the base of my skull where the bone is thicker than normal, I need to be careful that whatever I have to eat shakes wise doesn’t have excessive growth hormone in, as I have heard that excessive amounts can cause your skull to become larger / thicker and this worries me.

Is this product safe ?
I eat normally but i use to take protein shakes years ago and its quite common apparently for them to contain excessive growth hormones or even traces of testosterone boosters.

Appreciate the help.

Wow. Hope it doesn’t affect you too badly for most things!

Things like this are no joke, so even if someone would feel pretty comfortable to answer I would strongly recommend asking Huel directly. Their customer support tends to be very helpful, so either do that, contact a Hueler in this forum directly or contact the head of nutrition JAMES COLLIER.

Good luck

Huel does not contain any growth hormones nor testosterone.

Are there are any other ingredients you are concerned about?


Before James gets here, let me just say, Huel is not a protein shake. Huel is a nutritionally complete powdered food that is designed to contain 100% of your daily requirements of macronutrients, micronutrients and vitamins. It does not contain any growth hormones or testosterone or any weird shit, for sure. Hope that answers your question

Edit: I apologise if that came across as dismissive or a bit abrupt. It really is a very inclusive and friendly product though. You can check out the ingredients of the latest version here:

Sorry about your condition and good luck with your nutrition

Hi @Copey123abc

Huel is plant-based so there is no risk of contamination with growth hormone. This applies to all Huel products. Huel Professional has been batch tested and accredited.

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