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Does anyone here have a copy of the Huel article that’s on the front page of the Mail today?

This is as much as I can see:

’ The ingredients sound like the contents of an industrial paint stripper or a high-tech cancer drug. Guar gum, xanthan gum, medium-chain triglyceride powder and stabilisers are just some of the compounds found in the water-soluble powder.

Even the more familiar ingredients do not sound particularly appealing, including pea protein, tapioca starch, faba bean protein and sucralose sweetener.

These are the contents of Huel, a ‘nutritionally complete meal in powdered form’ according to its creators. The product, which is available as a powder or in ready-made shakes and energy bars, is designed for people ‘on the go’ who are too busy to prepare a normal meal.’

The truth about what happens to your body if you eat only HUEL - and the very embarrassing problems it can cause | Daily Mail Online

I was more interested in seeing Charles Dance’s gnarly knob.

If you have a “reader mode” in your web browser, that will strip away the ads, sidebar for judgemental misogynists, and subscription nag box.

They take the piss out of us in the article!

According to Huel, it has sold over 300 million ‘meals’ worldwide since its launch in 2015. Its fans are so devoted that there are online forums where thousands of self-styled ‘Hueligans’ compare how long they have gone since eating normal food.

Some claim they have been ‘100 per cent’ on Huel for as long as three years.

I don’t think there are thousands of people comparing how long they’ve gone since eating normal food. Maybe ten people tops.


Honestly when they are spouting drivel like this
“Experts have also raised concerns that the shakes are not suitable for children or people with eating disorders such as anorexia.”
Along with the standard of ppl saying it causes them gas.
Think it’s safe to say it’s a BS article but that’s standard for dailymail

Yeah it’s clickbait shite, trying to make @SomethingClever buy a subscription.

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It’s the Daily Mail, anything I read on there I research to find out what the real story is.

Tragic that this kind of “journalism” still exists.

Can’t say it’s the best piece of journalism I’ve read :sweat_smile: The author did reach out to the nutrition team for comment shortly before it was published, so you can see some of our thoughts dotted throughout the article.

Odd that nothing more pressing news wise was happening around the world that day to make the front page – could have sworn there was….

I think they meant “front page of the website”, which has approximately 100,000 articles linked, including such pressing issues as “Foreigners Exist And There Might Be One Nearby Right Now!”, “Gary Lineker Ohhh He’s Annoying” and “Woman Who Was Famous In The Nineties Dares To Dress Up Nice Instead Of Hiding Like The Old Bitch She Is”.


More importantly I was flagged for mentioning Charles Dance’s cock. So I edited it. But thanks to you highlighting it, whoever moaned can suck it twice.


Huel represents a threat to the F&B industry. Think about it, if more people drink Huel, less people buy all that junk on the grocery stores.


“The embarrassing problems” - judging by this, the only notable ‘problem’ they’ve got to report on is the adjustment period where some of us for gassy / changes in toilet patterns…. And not, you know, the big C word they chose to use in their opener because even the Daily Mail (for now - maybe they’ll stoop lower in general) wouldn’t try to call that ‘embarrassing’.

There’s a website somewhere I’ve come across a few times for situations like this. It basically takes the article link and removes the paywall / takes you to a captured version of the URL. My guess is people with a subscription submit or have some kind of plugin that will automatically skim and share. But however it works… it works without sign up for viewers. I’ll come back here and post it next time I come across it!

It’s alright, cafes can start baking muffins and brownies with Huel enriched powder in it. Huel Matcha Latte anyone? Huel Daily AZ vitamin cocktails at your local nightclub. There’s plenty of room for the F&B industry to catch up and thrive in the new world :wink::wink:

https://12ft.io/ maybe?

https://archive.org/ can be useful too. Here’s the article there, for people without Reader Mode in their browser.

But to reiterate, it ain’t worth reading.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe Huel would get less grief if it wasn’t sold as food.

If Huel was advertised as an A-Z of multivitamins and minerals no-one would bat an eyelid - even if the Huel supplement was sold as a powder, consumed with water, and just for kicks had some additional protein, fat and carbohydrate added. Sounds pretty good, all balanced and complete, a useful and healthy supplement to anyone’s diet.

Just don’t call it ‘food’ or else people are going to lose their minds.

But it IS food. :slight_smile:

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I know, so what is it that gets people so agitated? Is it too good to be true? Food can’t be that simple, it has to be a trick, there has to be a huge downside. Even if it’s just a few extra farts at first.

he key points from the search results for “truth body eat HUEL embarrassing problems cause site:dailymail.co.uk” are as follows:

HUEL is a nutritionally complete meal replacement product available in powdered form, shakes, and energy bars. It claims to provide an ideal balance of nutrients and has gained popularity among those who are too busy to prepare regular meals [1].
A study funded by HUEL found that participants who consumed only HUEL for a month got all the required nutrients and even saw improvements in their health, including reduced cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and weight [1].
Some HUEL users have reported experiencing severe flatulence and even debilitating gout. The high protein levels in HUEL could potentially harm the kidneys, especially for those already in the early stages of kidney disease [1].
HUEL contains a significant amount of fiber, which can lead to bowel problems and increased flatulence. It is recommended to gradually increase the intake of HUEL to allow the body to adjust [1].
People who are prone to gout should be cautious with HUEL due to its high protein content, which can increase uric acid levels and potentially trigger gout attacks [1].
Meal-replacement products like HUEL may not be suitable for individuals with eating disorders, as they can contribute to strict food rules and potentially worsen the condition. It is recommended to consult with a doctor or clinician before using HUEL in such cases [1].
There are concerns about children consuming HUEL, as it limits their exposure to natural foods. Experts suggest that children should be encouraged to cook, eat, and enjoy whole foods instead [1].
HUEL contains various artificial ingredients, but experts generally agree that these ingredients are not dangerous. However, some users have described the taste of HUEL shakes as unappetizing [1].

(This is from @websearch which gets past barriers.

OK there are two points needing answering:

a. gout
b. kidneys

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