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The Daily Mail journalist had obviously been scouring social media for negative health reports by Huel users.

Initial flatulence is the obvious one, but that’s easily explained by adjustment to higher fibre intake.

Gout is the only other issue I’ve seen mentioned, but the observation that some Huel users suffer gout is no more informative than that some gout sufferers use Huel. I’m one of them, but my experience is that my gout always has an obvious dietary cause, and it’s never been Huel. On the contrary, keeping to my regular partial Huel diet seems to help avoid the sudden changes which can trigger an attack.

Anyone worried about their kidneys and wanting to limit their protein intake should limit consumption of all foods rich in protein. That might include Huel Black, but perhaps not Huel Essential. It would also include nuts, soya and all animal products. That’s not contentious, but unfortunately not headline-grabbing either.

they also already have a long standing guide on gout, saying:

those who are notably susceptible to the negative effects of purines on their gout should limit their intake of Huel Products.

with only the core 3.1 powder being recommended for regular use.

I can understand Huel’s caution, as a 100% Huel diet might be too rich in protein for a gout sufferer, but the words ‘limit their intake’ are quite vague. Could it mean ‘only a few per week’ or ‘just don’t go 100%’?

I have two shakes of Black Edition every day. Is that a limited intake? Some might call it normal. Either way, regular long-term use of Black Edition has been good for keeping my gout at bay.

There’s been quite a few threads about it in the past and it’s a tough call - as sufferers can have different triggers combined with the fact that the high Vit C can help supress gout attacks – but in previous threads they have suggested that 1 Huel meal a day should not cause any issues.

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I think the key thing here is that different individuals with gout have different triggers and levels of tolerance when it comes to purines/uric acid. As a prime example of this, your Black Edition intake is clearly tolerated well (yay!), but perhaps might not be for someone else. We recommend exercising caution if you suffer with gout, and limiting your intake of Huel based on your own body and its limits.

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