There's something in the wate... Huel, in the Huel!

Some ingredient of Huel causes my stomach / gut some issues, which then leads to Wind and heavy rainfall when I consume 1k to 2k calories worth of Huel per day.

Can the ingredients be bought separately so I can consume them one by one in a fearless selftest? (I found out I’m lactose intolerant by drinking a litre of milk for example)

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Pea protein (I buy Pulsin)
Coconut MCTs

Sucralose if you use the flavoured versions
Stevia if you use the flavour boosts

Someone correct me if I’ve forgotten an ingredient…

Most people find it’s the fibre that causes digestive issues but these normally settle down once you’re accustomed to it and build up slowly (start with 2 scoops Huel a day and go from there)
Drink plenty extra water

A few others have reported intolerance to the pea protein (it’s fairly hypoallergenic but seems a very small minority really can’t get on with it).

All the ingredients except the vitamin and mineral complex can be bought individually

‘Happy’ experimenting !

P.S before you start… did you jump straight in with 1000-2000 calories a day?? If you did, you might wanna start with just 2 scoops for a week and build up gradually and you might be fine (saves you ‘farting’ around :laughing:)

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Did you know Huel has shares in Andrex?


Thanks this will be very helpful!

I’ve had Huel for almost a year now, I usually don’t consume more than 1k calories per day so that’s why it’s not usually too bad. But I’m getting lazier and want to have more, but then yea, danger. :smiley:

lol @ hunzas ^^

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I’ll keep an eye on this topic, as precaution of course :rofl:
I’m consuming well beyond 2.000 kcal/day and started earlier this year, so… will see.

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Love the idea of this experiment, but how are you going to make this a fair test? You need to control for the amount of water! Also, you don’t know the amounts of each of those ingredients used in Huel! :male_detective:

Lol I think he’s only planning to test each ingredient one by one in his diet to see if he reacts or not… not an exact science but can indicate any obvious reactions, if it is one particular ingredient that’s causing a problem.
Digestive issues are more often than not, not that simple though…

I was wondering if you could briefly double check this shopping list, as I’m not quite sure, especially the MCT stuff, as half it was called beard oil xD

Pea Protein


Coconut MCT

Pulsin pea protein is good quality - thats the one I use.
Flaxseed - you’d be better off getting ground flaxseed, as whole ones tend to just pass straight through you. They are a pain to grind yourself.
No idea on that MCT oil…
I’m guessing a high quality raw virgin coconut oil would be a better buy (?) and would serve the same purpose of testing whether you are ok with coconut oils or not. But I’m no expert, so my advice might be wrong on this lol.


Thanks, I wouldn’t have thought about getting ground flaxseed! Ima go on a whim and just stick with that oil… fingers crossed.

On a sidenote: shopping for this stuff could not be a bigger pain in the ass, there’s a million different ones and golden and brown and linseeds who are also flaxseeds blargh wow kill me now xD

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