HUEL + Sex Life

I am just starting to use HUEL. I am a male, 32, and I’m looking to simplify my life a bit and use for 1 meal replacement.
My question is if it can or did affect your sex life…or should I say, sex capabilities in any way ( good or bad ). I did not try other meal replacements because most had soy in it and I am not a big fan of the potential of that to kill testosterone. Did not see anything here to be worrisome but I’m still curious to hear your experience with this.


More energy overall from the regular caloric intake. In the 18 months I’ve been on Huel, I’ve yet to had a day of fatigue in the gym or elsewhere. Pretty sure it’s been on the forum before with positive responses.

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Definitely won’t effect your testosterone!

I’ve heard some people mention an increase in sex drive once or twice on here, I’d assume it’ll be due to health and diet/nutrition improvements.

Im sure due to getting sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins such as Zinc it would contribute to increasing your testosterone levels. Can find many relations.

I agree It’ll certainly contribute towards that yes, in my experience a decent diet can certainly help things like SHBG and Estrogen especially if said diet keeps you lean, which in turn can support testosterone levels.

To be fair anything which raises dopamine can inhibit prolactin to some degree, that will effect sex drive, also lower prolactin means a tiny bump in LH (luteinizing hormone), which one could hypothesize will then also increase testosterone to some degree by giving a stronger call to the gonads, the Endocrine system is a delicate balancing acting, where one thing will effect another thing etc etc…

Thats why low Testosterone and low dopamine go hand in hand, and can lead to lovely untoward illnesses no one wants.

source, me. (male hormone activist…) plus a quick Google search would confirm the above, but I don’t want to quote several sites without permission, so apologies for not backing up what I’m saying with evidence (which there is plenty of).

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I could bang on for hours so I won’t derail this thread too much :joy:

I’ve noticed absolutely no difference to my sex life and regularly consuming Huel.

Perhaps that’s because I don’t have a sex life.



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My right wrist hurts more since using huel…maybe shaking it too vigorously…and the Huel too.


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I think you’re overthinking things a bit…

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Would you like to elaborate?

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