Male Libido Loss and ED on Huel

I’d like to raise awareness of the issue of libido loss and erectile dysfunction.

I’ve been using Huel for over 18 months gradually at first, one shake a day, and around that time I also noticed a gradual loss in my sex drive + performance ability.

I thought perhaps this is normal, I just turned 30, and about a year ago the pandemic hit - not a very sexy time.

In the last few months I stepped up my Huel intake to form 80-90% of my diet. I love the efficiency, consistency and time it saves. I think it’s great. Apart from. Libido = dead. Absolute nil.

It was only very recently that I saw there might be a link after hearing about phytoestrogens in flaxseed. I have seen other threads on this forum where people argue that this is not a concern. But in my experience Huel is very likely the cause as it the one thing I can pinpoint to have changed in my life and corresponds exactly with the timing.

I am now, of course, quite concerned about lasting effects. I have ordered a home testosterone test and will stop consuming Huel, which is sad for me as I loved it. But it is not worth it.

Have you entered a calorie deficit since starting Huel?

I can alter my libido based on that.

3000+ calories and I’m a stallion.

2000 calories and I’m limp.

Much more likely than phyto blah blah which has been debunked a few times on here!

There’s a bit here about phytoestrogens, testosterone and flaxseed, in short it isn’t anything to worry about.

There have been no reported medical cases of testosterone disturbance due to phytoestrogens in humans derived from dietary intake[15] and the consumption of phytoestrogens from flaxseed does not appear to affect sex hormone metabolism.

As Phil eludes to, it’s super easy to get yourself into a calorie deficit with Huel if you weren’t tracking your calories before. Our suggested serving is 400kcal, but you can have as much or as little as you want. What were you eating for lunch/breakfast before and how many calories were in there, make sure you’re eating the same of Huel.

Your account is highly anecdotal, many will attest they have gained a sex drive while using Huel, others not. It’s probably due to other factors. As you say, lockdown hasn’t been very sexy!

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I can’t stress this enough, if you are experiencing an abnormal loss of libido, talk to your doctor. It can be extremely normal to go through phases of having a higher or lower libido every now and then (especially lately with all the stress and lethargy) but it can also be a symptom of a medical problem. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor, but it might hurt to guess the reason and leave something undetected. On top of this, it’s common enough that there are many treatments available.

I worked in a sexual health clinic for a while, and though libido can be affected by our diet, I can tell you with almost total certainty that it isn’t being caused by flaxseeds. The main studies on flaxseed and testosterone levels were done on a woman with a hormonal disorder, and a small group of men with prostate cancer. Neither of these studies give a full picture, especially as the key part in the male study was that they reduced their fat intake, something they would have a far greater effect than flaxseeds.

If the problem is long term, worrying you, or persists, talk to a doctor or get referred to a sexual health clinic. Never guess or assume where symptoms are coming from because you don’t know what you might be missing.


I think what Tim and Herbivore have said pretty much sums up some actions you could consider taking! AWESOME

In the mean time, it’s always good to look at ways to reduce stress. As most of us know, stress has been proven to be one of the biggest causes of health issues in humans. Particularly if you’re experiencing libido loss / ED.

Try taking up meditation ~ 10 minutes a day or some simple breathing exercises can help a great deal in all walks of life. Tai Chai or Yoga are also great areas to explore.
Participating in sports / exercising / general activities - Playing your favourite sport, going for a long walk or doing an awesome HIIT workout in your bedroom helps boost those endorphins which can give us all a smile on the face :smiley:
Sleep - ensuring you have a regular routine can help you get a good old kip, enabling you to be on top form, no matter what your day entails ~ walks with proud hipster stride
Boosting confidence - Sometimes even the most out-going can take a knock. When I feel a bit bummed out, I look myself in the mirror and tell myself you look AWESOME DUDE and I repeat this until I begin to believe it. Seriously. The louder the better :sweat_smile:
Relationship - Sometimes it’s good to look at all of the relationships in your life. Whether that’s relationship with friends, family or partner. It’s important to make sure you’re happy and to communicate, where possible, with this those people where you think it may be affecting you. For me, when I’ve fallen out with someone I care or trust, that has had a major impact on me and has affected areas of my life I didn’t even think possible!! (not now though cause YOU DO YOU BRO)
Finally - Of course put your faith in the hands of a trustworthy GP/Doctor you know can help with something a stranger like me can’t. If we Hueligans could do anything a Doc could there’d be a category titled HueliDocs I’m sure hahahah

In any case it’s great that you’re able to talk about it!! You’d be amazed at how many people don’t talk! Talking is great. We should all talk more. :slight_smile:

Peace out for now and I hope you get some spice in you life soon :heart_eyes: :fire: :banana: :facepunch:

Don’t keep the queue waiting for too long!

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LOVE this, channelling some serious Cool Runnings energy here.

Thanks @Herbivore for that comment too, really helpful, especially from someone who has worked in a sexual health clinic.

I think my libido have increased since using huel (sorry to much info)

This is probalby part of a bigger picture. It’s never really impacted me down stairs but I have got a fairly low test level. I’m late 30s so it’s common. I have improved mine by more sleep, less booze and losing weight. Since taking huel I feel even better health wise so I would be shocked if this is the root of your issue.

My advice is do your home test kit and see what it says then you need to speak to a medical professional. GPs arent usually very switched on in this area (amazingly) so maybe be prepared to see a private doctor. I went to one and it cost £300

Just wait until you are in your 60’s…

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