Huel spread for bread - Toddler edition

So I have a toddler who is at the moment very curious about what I eat and wants to try everything. Including Huel.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to find a spread for on bread that’s actually healthy. So I thought I make my own with Huel.

Basically it’s just a tablespoon of pureed fruit with a teaspoon of Huel and the Huel makes it thicker so what you get is a thick spread you can put on your bread.

I’ve tried it this morning and my kid loved it. I’m finding more and more uses for Huel.




Yes I mix it and use it on the spot. You can’t keep it in a jar in the fridge indeed. Freezing it in ice cubes is an excellent idea!

Ughh dont like the idea

What age is your toddler? I’ve a 2 1/2 year old and am intrigued by the idea. Sometimes he just drinks some of my huel and pronounces it “yummm… tasy!”

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My son is 1 year old now and wants to try everything I eat. I also let him try a sip of a Huel shake and he really liked that too.

Obviously he only gets a very tiny amount of Huel since Huel is not for toddlers. The oats would be too heavy on the intestines and the amount of vitamins is too much for a toddler.

Huel is also great as a thickener for pureed food. Sometimes I add too much water and only small amount of Huel can make it a smooth puree again.

I wish they would make a kids version of Huel. It would be very convenient for moms and dads to get their kids to eat healthy because from what I experienced so far is kids actually like the taste of Huel.

I see a potential market… Lol