Huel with a newborn

Just wanted to say how I’ve been using huel recently. I initially started using huel to get a decent nutrient dense meal while working offshore (food quality is extremely variable!). Recently it’s been a lifesaver now I have a newborn. Only doing it for breakfast but it makes the morning routine sooooo much easier!


great effort. Taking reaponsibilty for your own well being. Good on you.

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That’s exactly it! So many things to think about in the morning that making something super healthy and delicious is one step too far. Great to have you on the team!

Congratulations with your newborn!! I wish I had known about Huel when my kid was still a newborn. I didn’t have time for breakfast the first few months :smiley:

Now my 1-year old gets his cereal in the morning and I get my Huel shake. Fast, delicious and filling.

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