Impact on kids- what do you tell yours?

Hi all. I’m into my second week of Huel and am really enjoying it so far.

I am currently doing Huel for breakfast and lunch, then having a healthy dinner. However I would like to go 100% Huel but already feel a bit strange explaining to my 3 year old daughter why I am having a drink for lunch while she eats her peanut butter on oatcakes, apple and yoghurt. I really don’t know how I feel about not sitting down for a family meal with her most days. And how can I help her learn to try new things and eat like a grown up if I don’t lead by example?

How do you guys manage that?

Like many others I have seen on here I have had issues with overeating/anorexia/bulimia my entire life. At age 27 I decided enough was enough and had weight loss surgery because I was sick of the thoughts about food and weight consuming every minute of every day, and the constant shame and feelings of failure.

It did help immensely and I spent the time and energy I had been wasting on food to grow as a person, have my daughter and get married. But the last couple of years I have gotten into bad grazing habits and can feel that sense of obsession over food returning. I’ve also gained 20lb. I really feel like if food was taken out of the equation entirely then I could refocus my energies. As someone else on here admitted, I am an all or nothing person and believe 100% Huel would help reset my habits.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions or feedback.

Many thanks and good luck to everyone on their Huel journey!

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Not sure how much help this will be to you, but on the off chance it’s helpful…

I generally only have Huel for breakfast, then I make a healthy balanced lunch for myself and the kids that we eat together at the table. I often don’t bother with much for dinner, and they just have something small. For that reason, they’re probably less aware than your daughter may be.

They are 21 months and 3 1/2 years old. The eldest has asked what my Huel is and I’ve just responded with “this is my dinner” and that’s been the end of it. Your daughter may be more inquisitive :slight_smile:

Maybe, if you feel the need, explain that it has all of the good things you need to be healthy, and then explain that her meal also has all the good things she needs to be healthy?

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Thank you Philip. You are probably right that she won’t think anything of it. We tend to eat out as a family a couple of times a week so she will at least see me eating ‘food’ on those occasions. There are some nights when my daughter eats on her own anyway and then I cook something else for myself and my husband that she won’t eat (fajitas or curry for example) so I guess I could always sub those meals with Huel. Then eat with her maybe 2 or 3 nights a week.
I appreciate the feedback!

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I do sit down with my Huel whilst my son (6yrs) has his evening meal and he was inquisitive but once he had an answer (and a little taste!) he moved on to the next thing that took his interest. My plan was to not hide it or make a big deal of it, just that’s what Dad chooses to do right now. He asked if he could eat Huel all the time as well. Now, whilst I would never let him do that at his age, I broke into a big grin and told him it would save me a fortune: no more Sunday roasts, no more birthday cakes, no more steak… at which point he said: ‘Maybe not, Dad…’ I appreciate that he’s a bit older so it’s easier to have that conversation, but the principle, keeping it open and light hearted, serves me well with the little person (and a healthy dose of reverse psychology works wonders!).

Hope you figure out a way forward and best of luck!


That’s great advice, thanks Steve!

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