Talking about poop again

Hello all! Third day on Huel and I’m genuinely enjoying it. Love the taste, the ease and I’m starting to feel more energetic from eating better.

However as with lots of newbies my bathroom habits are unsettling to say the least. When should I expect this to die down?

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I only noticed an improvement TBH. :wink:

But I guess it depends on diet before Huel :baguette_bread::pancakes::hamburger::fries::pizza:

Are you purely only consuming Huel or are you substituting meals?

I Huel for breakfast and lunch and then a healthy dinner and I would +1 for the improvement and TBF my habits were not terrible before, i.e 4 pieces of fresh fruit a day, salad every other day etc…

But again, everyone is different.

I basically stopped eating junk and bread.

I have 3 scoops of vanilla Huel with 500ml of water and 1 teaspoon of Banana Flavor for breakfast and the same again for Lunch.

I eat a balanced meal for dinner with the kids. Normally a meat with veg and pasta/rice.

I also have Tribe bars as a snack sometimes when I feel extra hungry (sorry Huel…)

I’ve never felt better!:man_cartwheeling:

Ha yeah my diet wasn’t great before…having it for breakfast and lunch.

I’m feeling so much better particularly in the afternoons…no dip…just continued energy